Blood Dragon

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The Blood Dragons are a Vampire Counts Bloodline from Warhammer Fantasy.


The Blood Dragons trace their lineage all the way back to Abhorash, the peerless warrior and champion of Lahmia, and the disciples who followed him from Lahmia's destruction. After their master cured himself from the curse of vampirism with the aid of the blood of a monstrous red dragon, these disciples scattered across the world, seeking out foes of similar calibre to defeat, and thereby earn Abhorash's favour.

Noted Blood Dragons include:

  • Walach Harkon, a Nehekharan tribesman turned Lahmian palace guard, who gave the Blood Dragons their name by assailing the Blood Keep and slaying the entire Order of the Blood Dragon, resurrecting the worthy as Vampires.
  • Luthor Harkon, a vampire turned pirate (Vampirate?) who landed on the coast of Lustria and explored a temple that drove him cuckoo-bananas. Now he is leading his zombie pirate navy on the hunt for Lizardmen relics, with which he hopes to de-crazy himself. He is a playable Lord in Total War: Warhammer's Curse of the Vampire Coast DLC.
  • The Red Duke, a Bretonnian Duke turned into a fell warrior known as the Scourge of Aquitaine, and El Syf, according to the Arabyans. He stars in his own novel, written by C.L.Werner.


  • Vampire Counts
    • Strigoi
      • Blood Dragons simply see these vampires as a challenging monster for them to fight.

On the TabletopEdit

It is notable that the Blood Dragons, who are Vampiric Knights, field-able as a Rare option for the Vampire Counts, are arguably the fucking strongest CQC unit in Warhammer Fantasy. This is a universe where Daemons exist. Be afraid. Be very fucking afraid. With high initiative, S7 on the charge standard, frenzy, 2+ armor and good weapon skill these guys are a big-ass hammer waiting to be used.

Sadly the very complex and badass Blood Knight models are $99 for a mere five models. Chances are good if you're using them, you're using as many as possible so you'll need 5+ models. Solution? Either nut up and slay the strongest motherfucker on your street to feast upon his blood so you can throw your food money at Games Workshop, or buy Bretonnian Knights at $35 for 8 and use up your leftover bitz from the rest of your Vampire Counts on them. A good compromise you can buy 5 Dragon Princes for $35, which look very similar to the Blood Knights.