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Bhukas are one of two new PC races (unless one counts the Badlands Dwarf, Painted Elf and Scablands Half-Orc) introduced in the Sandstorm desert splatbook for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition.

An offshoot of the goblinoid family tree, bhukas are unique not only in their adaptation to surviving in the desert - which has given them rather reptilian nasal slits, a spine-supported frill around the neck, and enormous splayed feet - but in that they're an inherently goodly people.

According to their own mythology, bhukas were the last of the peoples to emerge from the Lower World, which meant that only the deserts were left to them. Considering this their own fault, they calmly accepted their lot in life and have been making a living in the badlands ever since. Other goblinoids mock them for their weakness, and warlike wasteland peoples such as orcs, or more aggressive human & elven communities often push them deeper into the hostile lands.

Bhukas will fight, when ultimately backed into a corner, but prefer peaceful agrarian lifestyles, eeking out a living farming what foods can grow in the badlands and supplementing with forage and hunting. Matriarchal, their phratries (extended, clan-like bands consisting of several extended families that are mythologically related to each other) trade with many willing people, even the crucians, although they find the asherati unnerving for how they seem to contradict the bhukan religious beliefs.

-2 Strength, +2 Dexterity
Base land speed 30 fet
Sure Feet (Ex): Treat Shallow Sand as being Normal Terrain and Deep Sand as being Shallow Sand.
Glare Resistance (Ex): Are immune to the effects of sun glare.
Water Sense (Ex): By making and succeeding on a Survival check, a bhuka can sense the presence of any source of drinkable water within a 100 foot sphere. The DC of this check is affected by how deep the water is under the ground: DC 10 for surface water, DC 12 for water 10 feet or less underground, DC 15 for 20 feet or less deep, DC 20 for 40 feet or less, DC 25 for 70 feet or less deep, and DC 30 for 100 or less feet.
+2 racial bonus on Constitution checks and Fortitude saves to resist heat and dehydration.
+2 racial bonus on Knowledge (NAture) checks and this is always a class skill for bhukas.
Heat Endurance as a bonus feat.
Favored Class: Druid
Level Adjustment: +0