Betty and Veronica meet The Punisher

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Betty and Veronica meet The Punisher is a role-playing game where you take on the roles of teenage girls in Riverdale as you team up with the Punisher at Veronica Lodge's sleepover to help take out a dangerous criminal! The objective is for the girls to lure the duplicitous Espezota through the rooms of the Lodge mansion and into the wine cellar, where the Punisher can take care of business uninterrupted, before the time runs out and he escapes with whatever information he was trying to steal.

The game is very rules-light and obviously not particularly serious in tone (intention to secretly murder a criminal notwithstanding). The premise is quite restricted and intended for one-shot games, as are the mechanics - there is no levelling up or experience awarded for defeating Espezota, only the satisfaction of a murder expertly committed. It should definitely be considered a beer and pretzels category game.