Berna symbol.png
Red gold heart
Alignment Chaotic Neutral (True Neutral tendencies)
Divine Rank Demigoddess
Pantheon Oerth (Touv)
Portfolio Forgiveness, passion
Domains Chaos, Courage, Healing, Protection
Home Plane Prime Material Plane (Hepmonaland, Oerth)
Worshippers Touv couples, diplomats, healers
Favoured Weapon Club

Berna is the touv demigoddess of passion and forgiveness. She's the youngest of Meyanok's children, her older siblings being Vara and Damaran.


Originally Berna was the demigoddess of hatred and vendettas, whom Meyanok sent to torment Xanag, her great-aunt. However when she saw her, she could not hate such a beautiful person, and threw herself at her feet to be killed. Xanag took pity on her, and crafted her a heart out of red gold, transforming her into a demigoddess of all powerful emotions and forgiveness.


Berna's clerics are in tune with their own and other peoples emotions, and use these skills to uphold morale during hard times, help young people in love find acceptance, and artists to realize their visions. They also help soothe old wounds, physical and mental, and preach forgiveness and acceptance of new friendships. The clerics often wear a red metal heart on their chest, often made of red gold.

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