Belligerent Engine

The Dreadnoughts of the Angry Marines are known better within the chapter as the Belligerent Engines.


The creation of a Belligerent EngineEdit


Why are they called Belligerent Engines? First consider the sheer amount of seething rage and fury that is typically exhibited in any Angry Marine. Now knock out his kneecaps, and maybe some internal organs for good measure, and observe as his anger levels escalate. Continue this process until he's on the very verge of death, with his state of mind resembling that of an exploding volcano. Now finally bind him to the cold, metallic shell of a Dreadnought, thus rendering him more machine than man and erasing what little joy he ever derived from life. Now, behold!-- having been fused to a weaponized, armored sarcophagus, and with his mental condition having reached the point of 'Wrath of God,' the end-result is a bio-mechanical war-machine that could only properly be denoted as being a Belligerent Engine.


Unlike most marine chapters who consider serving the Emprah beyond death as an honor, Angry Marines consider internment into a Dreadnought Sarcophagus as a the single most enraging moment in their entire, immortal lives. The Sarcophagus itself is uncomfortable, cramped, and suffocating. He is trapped inside a metal shell that prevents him from ripping the shit out of his opponent with his bare hands, ensuring he could never feel the full fuckawesomeness of close combat ever again. This annoys and pisses off the marine to the point where his neural links would explode from the sheer anger he is generating and only a handful of things can slightly soothe the anger of the pilot that he does not fuck over everything he sees in a Chaos Dreadnought-esque fashion.

While Dreadnought CCWs are a popular choice by Belligerent Engine pilots as this allows them to "TEAR THAT FUCKING FUCK A NEW ASSHOLE IN HIS STOMACH" and thus vent of some of their frustrations on an unlucky enemy of man, they are also given Plasma Cannons and Flamestorm cannons for ranged support, it is unknown if they still prefer assault cannons, but many assume they are neutral on the subject as a continuous flow of powerful Dakka MUST be angry. They shun the use of Lascannons, missile launchers, and all other heavy weapons normally mounted on Dreadnoughts that are not plasma or flame-based as these are not angry enough for Angry marines, ensuring that they're more likely to smack their enemies with these things than shoot them. Some Belligerent Engines demand, however, that Angry Techmarines "GIVE ME LIKE SIX MISSILE LAUNCHERS, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW FUCKING AWESOME THAT WOULD BE?" As such, these gunboat Belligerent Engines have a missile launcher on each arm, a Dreadnought Cyclone Missile Launcher, an auxiliary missile launcher on the outside of each leg, a Whirlwind Missile Battery strapped to its back, and up to four Hunter Killer missiles. Not understanding how 'ammunition' works, their battle plan is usually "FIND ENEMY TANK. FIRE FUCKING EVERYTHING AT IT. HIT THEM WITH THE EMPTY MISSILE PODS."

Because one isn't angry enough nor would sooth the unfathomable rage of the pilot, a Belligerent Engine is allowed to have as many of these heavy weapons as it possibly can mount on the chassis. With so much high heat-generating weapons however, the Engine is highly prone to explode from the sheer heat generated by the 2 weapons, but the idea of firing 2 plasma cannons and 2 flamestorm cannons simultaneously is enough to make the pilot ignore the hazard of death in-favor of how ULTRA FUCKING SWEET it is.


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