Crossed axes
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank Intermediate God
Pantheon Cerilian
Portfolio Battle, fear, feuds
Domains Chaos, Evil, Strength, Strife, War
Home Plane The Striving (Pandemonium)
Worshippers Warriors, tyrants, slavers, most Vos
Favoured Weapon Greataxe

Belinik, also known as Alenecht, is the Cerilian god of battle, feuds, and fear, and one of the two patrons of the Vos, along with Kriesha.



Belinik was originally the warrior-king of the Vos, who had by then been corrupted by Azrai, and was his champion during the Battle of Mount Deismaar. When his patron was destroyed along with the other gods, Belinik took part of Azrai's divinity, ascending alongside Kriesha.


Belinik often appears as a warrior wearing burnished plate mail and bear skin on his back, carrying a great battleaxe. He's bald, has a long, black moustache that reaches below his jaw, and a scar reaching from his forehead, across his cheek, to his jaw. He's also known to appear as a cave bear.


Belinik's followers are mainly Vos men, as to them he's the archetypal Vos man, though some women also follow him. Outside of Vosgaard, Belinik has few worshippers, but temples to him have started spreading across Cerilia, except in the Rjurik Highlands. His holy days are the day before Eve of the Dead, when dark ceremonies and bloody revels are held in his temples, and the Eve of the Dead, when his followers seek to go out and kill a cleric of Nesirie for good luck.

Belinik's church abhors peace above all else and teaches that fear is the best way to rule over others, with murder, torture, and other deeds being just means to this end. A truly strong ruler dictates everything, and offers nothing, and mercilessly destroys those who oppose him, whilst a wise ruler sows dissension and waits for the moment to trap the would-be successor. Loyalty, to them, is something that can be only coerced through fear, and no one is to be trusted. The clerics of the Prince of Terror spend much of their time planning attacks and raids on their neighbors, and intentionally spreading dissension between the tribes.

Almighty Temple of BelinikEdit

The church in Ust Atka, the Raven's realm, and the Magian's realm. Originally built by the Raven as just a means to control the populace, the church is under the control of the local regent in both realms, acting as means of population control.

Belinik TsarevicEdit

The church in Rzhlev. Its ruler, Nikoli Brokeslav, mainly spends his time whipping Rzhlev's warrior into a frenzy against the tsarina's enemies.

Black Church of AlenechtEdit

The church in the Vampire's Hold. The high priest, Gustaf Kremler, makes frequent trips around the domain "converting" the local populace. In reality he just goes around conscripting local farmers and peasants into working for his temple in Bloodshroud.

One True Church of VosgaardEdit

One of the two main churches in Vosgaard, and the only proper church in Anuire. They seek to hunt down and destroy all other religions in Vosgaard, whilst in Anuire they've aligned themselved with the regent of Osoerde, Jaison Raenech, acting as his torturers/interrogators and protectors.

Temple of MightEdit

The other of the two main churches in Vosgaard. They worship both Belinik and Kriesha, with every order leaning towards one or the other, leading to many conflicts between them.

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