Basilea is the major human nation appearing in Kings of War. It was the first human model line produced by Mantic Games for the game system, introduced in the second supplement for first edition appropriately titled Basilean Legacy. Thematically it is home to paladins, warrior nuns, and angels. They are allies of the major Shining One-aligned dwarf and elf nations, but are somewhat at odds with the other Successor Kingdoms such as the Brotherhood and League of Rhordia.



Primovantor was the ancient human kingdom that united all of humanity before the God War. After the shattering of the Fenulian Mirror however, civil conflict arose in the great nation. As the centuries passed, more and more provinces of Primovantor declared independence and revolted. As many of these succeeded in their efforts to secede, the once great nation slowly sank in size. By the time of the Winter War, Primovantor was a shell of it's former glory.

When Winter was defeated, the resulting worldwide earthquakes and flooding drowned the land of Primovantor. Virtually the entire territory remaining of the nation was flooded, with only two major cities surviving; Primovantor, the capital city, and the Golden Horn, perched atop the mountain range between Primovantor and Abercarr. This mountain soon became a small swath of land between the Low Sea of Suan and the Sea of Eriskos.

Refugees from the many human nations destroyed in the cataclysm soon fled to the Golden Horn. This made the city unstable politically, but also made it the cultural center for most of humanity. As the elves splintered into numerous nations and the dwarfs retreated underground, determined to no longer participate in the affairs of the surface, the Golden Horn found itself under constant siege from orcs and the forces of the Abyss.

A handful of surviving Shining Ones had taken up residence atop Kolosu Mountain outside the city. Though they rarely interacted with Basilea, it was not unheard of for them to aid the city in battle. With their aid, the leaders of the Golden Horn managed to hold the city together. The leader of the city is known as the Hegemon, who is in turn supported by the Hegemonic Court.

Basilea is very conservative, valuing faith and honor above all else. Temples still stand to the Celestians and there is relative peace and stability. Being watched over by literal gods however, tends to make them really arrogant. It also is a major trade hub, occupying the only land route between Abercarr and the Successor Kingdoms. There is also a tendency for religious violence to break out in times of crisis.

Currently Basilea is at odds with both the Brotherhood and the Golloch Empire. King Golloch of the dwarfs, in particular, claims the city as the birthright of all dwarfs and covets the great trade wealth it has. Basilea is also the nearest nation to the Abyss portal in Tragar, meaning it is often a target of Abyssal Dwarfs and the more demonic forces of the Abyss. Protecting the city are numerous orders of paladins and sisterhood troops, as well as the angelic Elohi.

Notable BasileansEdit


Current Hegemon of Basilea. Thus far he has been portrayed as a competent leader. He dispatched Orlaf and Danor to accompany Madriga and Rordin in pursuing Mortibris into the ruins of Diffeth east of the city. Ballazar suspected that Mortibris would assault Basilea if he acquired the Tome of Valandor, and he seems to be right based on the upcoming campaign book for second edition.


The first Hegemon of Basilea. After the destruction wrought by the end of the Winter War, the Golden Horn found itself on the verge of extinction at the hands of the orcs. When all seemed lost and the city was about to fall, Bosilean offered the eternal fealty of his people to the remaining Shining Ones if they would grant their aid. As if in answer to his prayer, the spirit of Domivar appeared to him and asked him to repeat his vow.

Bosilean quickly repeated his vow. Suddenly the battlefield filled with angelic warriors, the Elohi. These warriors helped push the orcs back. When the battle ended, Bosilean declared that the Golden Horn would be the capital of the true successor nation to Primovanotr, dubbing it Basilea. He was declared first Hegemon of this new nation, which serves the remaining Shining Ones to the present.


The wizard player character in the Dungeon Saga core box. A talented member of the Order of the Ardent Light. He is a direct descendant of Valandor, although strangely his family has hidden this fact from most of the city. Initially dispatched by the order to locate a missing colleague, he was ordered to join forces with the others seeking Mortibris in Diffeth.

Gnaeus SallustisEdit

Grand Master of the Basilean Paladins. It is said he has never lost a battle, although if this is true or just propaganda is unknown. He is feared by orcs and Abyssal Dwarfs for his martial prowess, so there might be something to these stories. In battle he rides atop a large lion named Nakir.


A legend in his own lifetime. Ibrahim is a decorated member of the Knights of the Basilean Warrior, he is the pre-made paladin character in Dungeon Saga. He is usually found teaching the younger members of the order, but is also often called upon by the Hegemon to pursue more solitary tasks and quests for his lord. His most notable feature is a complete lack of scars on his body, a testament to his skill with a blade.


Orlaf is a barbarian sell-sword originally hailing from outside the Golden Horn. He found city life quite agreeable however, prompting him to only take high risk, high reward jobs in order to maximize his time in the city. He is somewhat well-known in the city for his skill at fighting orcs, which is why he was suggested as an ideal candidate to pursue Mortibris into Diffeth by the Hegemon.

Venetia BeriassorEdit

A martial cleric of the Basilean Sisterhood, wielding magic and also an accomplished warrior. She is the pre-made cleric character for use in Dungeon Saga, although the class can become something of a swordmage if the right skills are taken. She accompanies the Naiad Arianya into the north to investigate recent occurrences near the Abyss portal in Tragar.

On the TabletopEdit

Tactics can be found here: Kings of War/Tactics/Basileans

Basilea is a more elite human army than Kingdoms of Men, the other human army in the second edition core rule book. They tend to field less units because of this, but they also have access to large infantry and dragons that Kingdoms of Men don't. Their army special rule, Iron Resolve, also allows them to heal a point of damage every time they pass a nerve test, giving them that extra little bit of survivability on top of their higher defence.