Bang! (pronounced "Bang-a", because a nice Italian dude invented it and Italians love it) is a card game that pits 4+ players against each other in a good ol' spaghetti-Western shootout. Each player has an agenda (varying versions of "stay alive" for the most part), and takes turns in shooting people around the table, drinking beer, calling the indians in for some scalping and generally being western as fuck.

Each player has a character with a special passive ability and a secret role, apart from the Sheriff, who has a bright silver badge that he must proudly present for all the other players to shoot after. The rest are either Deputies (protect the Sheriff and kill all other players), Outlaws (Kill the Sheriff) or Renegades (Be the last player standing). The result is something halfway between Mafia and an actual card game.

The game isn't particularly balanced and sort of low on practicality, but is still a fairly fun party game that gets better as more players join in. In addition, the game has a thick feel of Wild West, which makes it all the better; the game comes in a fukken aluminum bullet for christ sake!


The players sit around a table (obviously, but actually necessary so worth pointing out) and are given a character at random, plus a character card bottom up, which counts their health (usually four, sometimes three, 1+ for the Sheriff), and then their Role. All players, except the Sheriff, keeps this hidden until they die.

Each turn, the player draws two cards and takes them into their hand, and from there on, the game is on. There's a wealth of cards in the game and many of them do a wealth of different things, such as letting you draw cards for yourself, for others, steal from others, confiscate equipment, do random damage or even blow yourself up! You can play any number of cards during your turn, with some exceptions: Blue cards are placed in front of you as equipment, and you can only have one of each (make sure the dipshit who wants to have three Mustangs and two Barrels reads this. I swear I'm going to kill you if you bring it up again, Greg.).

The exception you need to remember the most is also about the most important card: The Bang! Playing a Bang! card allows you to remove health from a player... Within your reach. Here's where the table becomes important, as range is counted as how many people there are between you and your target. People besides you are always within Range 1, but the players beside them are Range 2 and so forth. Starting out, you only have a shitty little Cal. 30 Revolver with a Range of 1, so this becomes important later. In return, players can throw down Missed! cards to dodge the shot and take no damage, among many other things. There's also the Gatling card, which is functionally a Bang! card that hits everyone else at the table, regardless of the player's reach.

Equipment ranges from weapons with better ranges and defensive items such as Barrels or Mustangs, which increases your own viewing range for others, to "Go to Jail" cards, dynamites and the almighty Volcanic Revolver - Why shoot once when you can shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot?

The game ends when the Sheriff is killed, the surviving players either win or lose dependent on their role in the game. If the Renegade is not the only survivor, the Outlaws win. If the Renegade and one or more Deputies remain when the Sheriff dies - the Outlaws win by default, even if they are all dead!

You can find a complete copy of the rules here.

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