Governor Cardinal Astra Korneil Nall
Population 12.33 billion
Est. 42 billion+ transient population
Tithe Aptus Non
Location Segmentum Tempestus
  • Victorum Sector
  • Babylum Sub-Sector
    • Baal System

The greatest and most holy of the shrineworlds of the Victorum Sector, Babylum is a dry, windswept world dotted with the ruins of ancient Man. The wreckage of great arcology cities form the basis of all life on the planet, supplying power, heat, and shelter to a world otherwise hostile to man.


Rulers of the sacred cities, sanct-regents manage the day-to-day administration of Babylum. Drawn from the ranks of the Ecclesiarchy yet shorn of its power and authority, they recall the glory and temporal power of the pre-Reformation church in a purposely limited fashion. Legally, they have no authority and no position with the hierarchy of the Adeptus Ministorum, and have no say in its governance on any level. In return, they wield final authority on secular matters, such as the rota of temple maintenance, the construction and placement of new shrines, or the distribution of pilgrim settlements. Their power is exclusive to the earth and waters of Babylum itself, and little power is afforded to any single sanct-regent beyond the bounds of their shrine city.

In practice, much intercourse occurs between the Sanct-Regents and their brothers in governance, the cardinals of the Adeptus Ministorum and the prefects of the Adeptus Administratum.

Sanct CastorumEdit

The greatest of all shrine cities, birthplace and tomb of Saint Rosella Castor.

Locations of noteEdit