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When Wizards of the Coast released "Magic of Incarnum" for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition, naturally, they realized that they needed a couple of new races to show off their shiny new mechanics and be theoretically good matches for the new classes; the Incarnate, the Soulborn, and the Totemist.

Results were... mixed, to say the least. Except until you get to the Azurin, who can be pretty honestly called the bottom of the barrel.

See, the Azurin are... humans with a natural affinity for incarnum magic. That's it. That's the be-all, end-all of their racial fluff. They're an oddity occasionally born when a human soul is particularly steeped in essentia prior to birth. This means they age more quickly (closer to half-orcs than humans) and the whites of their eyes are a deep sky blue. Even mechanically all they boil down to is "human with shorter lifespan, the Incarnum subtype, and a pool of 1 Essentia by default".

Literally one of the most boring, toss it out and be done with it racial ideas in all of D&D. Definitely didn't help to sell the new mechanics.

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