Azul symbol.png
Jagged red line enclosing drops of water
Alignment Lawful Evil
Pantheon Maztican, Wasteland
Portfolio Drunkenness, rain, water
Domains 2E: Elemental, Weather
Minor: Charm, Creation, Hishna, Pluma, Protection
3E: Evil, Law, Plant, Thirst, Water
Home Plane Tlalocan (Arcadia)
Worshippers Mazticans, druids, peasants, travellers
Favoured Weapon Whip

Azul, the Giver of Rain, and Taker of Breath, also called Calor, is the Maztican god of rain, water, and drunkenness.


Azul was one the many children of Kukul and Maztica, the goddess, along with his twin Tezca. His gift to humanity was clean water for drinking and bathing. When Qotal and Zaltec began fighting, Azul along with his twin joined Zaltec's side.


Azul demands sacrifices from his followers in exchange for his blessings. This sacrifice is usually a child or a youth, who is drowned in a ritual pool every spring. His priests clean themselves meticulously, often taking pride in abrasions their soap causes on their skin.


Azul prefers to appear as a plump youth with a meticulously clean skin, wearing the finest and cleanest cotton gown.

The Deities of Maztica
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Iyatiku - Qotal Miochin - Spider Woman
Neutral Masauwu - Plutoq
Alosaka - Kukul - Maztica
Sho'tokunungwa - Sun Father
Eha - Nula
Evil Azul Shakak Tezca - Zaltec