Auril unholy symbol.jpg
3E: White snowflake in a gray diamond with a white border
5E: Six-pointed snowflake
Alignment Neutral Evil
Divine Rank Lesser / Intermediate Goddess
Pantheon Faerûn, Frostfell
Portfolio Cold, ice, winter
Domains 3E: Air, Cold, Evil, Storm, Water, Winter
4E: Storm, Winter
5E: Nature, Tempest
Home Plane Great Wheel: Winter's Hall (Pandemonium)
World Tree: Winter's Hall (Fury's Heart)
World Axis: Land Under Eternal Ice (Deep Wilds)
Worshippers Arctic dwellers, druids, rangers, frost giants
Favoured Weapon Icemaiden's Caress (Ice axe)

Auril, the Frostmaiden, the Cold Goddess, Lady Frostkiss, Icedawn, and Saukuruk, is the Forgotten Realms goddess of cold and winter.


Auril was believed to have been once one of the Archfey, specifically the Queen of Air and Darkness, who gained her divinity by absorbing power from the slumbering Ulutiu, one day hoping to completely absorb the gods portfolios and gain control over all things realted to cold.


Cover all the lands with ice. Quench fire wherever it is found. Let in the winds and the cold; cut down windbreaks and chop holes in walls and roofs that my breath may come in. Work darkness to hide the cursed sun so that the chill that Auril brings may slay. Take the life of an arctic creature only in great need, but all others at will. Make all Faerûn fear the Frostmaiden. Revere the Cold Goddess and sing her praises into any chill breeze or winter wind. Do not raise your hand against any other cleric of Auril.

The Frostmaiden herself
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