A golden disc polished to a mirror-like sheen
Alignment True Neutral
Pantheon Wasteland
Portfolio Judgement, sky, sun
Domains Fire, Luck, Summer, Sun, Travel
Worshippers Desert dwellers, efreeti, fire giants, beings of fire
Favoured Weapon Heavy spiked shield

Aurifar, the Caliph of the Sky, is the wasteland deity of the sky, the sun, and judgement, deciding who lives and who dies during the hottest part of the day. He deigns to let lesser gods to carry his litter to his throne during the morning, and back to his resting place during evening. Those he judges worthy gain protection from thirst and the undead he despises.


Aurifar often appears as glowing ball of light and unbearable heat. Other times he appears as a mute giant carrying a ball of light and heat, from which his voice comes.