Astartes Salvator

Astartes Salvator
Battle Cry "It's over."
Founding M32
Homeworld Eris
Strength Unknown
Specialty Urban Warfare, Hostage Rescue, Counterinsurgency, Close Protection
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Variable camouflage.

The Astartes Salvator is a custom chapter of Adeptus Astartes created by some dude specializing in hostage rescue, close protection and counterinsurgency work.

Founded after the Beheading, the Salvator were drawn from Raven Guard gene-stock and ordered into being by Agnathio himself, as to prevent such a event from ever happening again. Thus, the Salvator are close to the High Lords and often do their bidding- including their dirty work.




The Beheading rocked the Imperium to the core. A hundred years of anarchy ensued in it's wake, a century of disorder, heresy and slaughter. Having finally had enough of this blatant and clear failure in the Adeptus Terra, Agnathio, the current Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, gathered 50 of his fellows and set a course for Holy Terra.

Once the Adeptus Terra was reinstated, Agnathio and the newly instated High Lords worked closely together to prevent another Beheading from happening.

They decided on raising a specialized chapter, with the mission of protecting the Imperium, it's people, and their leaders. Seeing the Raven Guard as ideal for the task, the High Lords took existing gene stock, along with hand-picked Raven Guard Veterans and raised a new chapter based on the frozen dwarf planet of Eris.

The chapter was named the Astartes Salvator - literally Astartes Rescuers and subjected to intense live-fire training from the Raven Guard and selected Deathwatch veterans. These included complex simulated hab-block breach and clears, simulated hostage rescues, and intense simulated urban combat situations.

Once this harsh trial was complete, the hardened chapter took part in the subsequent suppression of rebellion on many worlds, using their skills at irregular urban warfare to get a leg up on the for in these conflicts.

During the Columbia Insurrection in M35, the Astartes Salvator were tasked with "terror raids" on the traitor worlds, inflicting massive civilian casualties and destroying key bits of infrastructure to cripple the rebellion. These raids were carried out successfully, and with the aid of several regiments of Cadian Shock Troopers, the planets forcibly pacified.

In 100.M36, heretical elements on Holy Terra made an attempt to take control of Terra, holding hostage tens of thousands of Menials in a secured fort. However, a squad of the Astartes Salvator was sent in, and upon breaching, killed every heretic - allowing the Administratum to function at full efficiency once more.

Unique EquipmentEdit


Breaching ChargesEdit

These handheld explosives are meant to blast open thick walls, doors and floors with their shaped charges. One merely sticks the Breaching Charges on the desired surface, and activates the detonator. Upon detonation, the Breaching Charges explode with great force in a single direction, blowing open a hole in the surface and killing anyone on the other end.

The Salvator use these to enter where conventional entry might expose a battle-brother to excessive fire, but find them a bit too loud for more stealthy operations.

Velrod-Pattern Stalker BoltgunsEdit

Specialized Boltguns meant for use in close quarters when stealth and silence are priorities, the Velrod-pattern Stalker Boltguns make use of subsonic ammunition and a integrated suppressor to reduce gunshot noise down to where it can only be heard within a few meters of the operator.


A add on for the auto-senses of a suit of power armor, Dark-Eye allows better performance and target acquisition in low-light conditions.



The Astartes Salvator is codex non-compliant, and deviates radically:

  • There are no set Battle Companies, with Reserve Companies being rotated to Battle Company status as the Chapter Master judges. This judgement is based on need, assessment of readiness, and familiarity with the Area of Operations.
  • The 10th Company is not specialized, and Scouts are seconded to Companies based on capacity and need.
  • Squads are not specialized based on role, but on mission. I.E: For a mission that requires a loud breach n' clear, squads are equipped with heavier weaponry.