Asoiaf House Creation Tables

For the asoiaf roleplaying system by Green Ronin.

Starting RealmEdit

Roll 3d6
3 King's Landing
4 Dragonstone
5-6 The North
7 The Iron Islands
8-9 The Riverlands
10-11 The Vale
12-13 The Westerlands
14-15 The Reach
16-17 The Stormlands
18 Dorne

Starting ResourcesEdit

Roll 7d6 for each of the following:

  • Defense
  • Influence
  • Lands
  • Law
  • Population
  • Power
  • Wealth

Adjust according to the following table:

Resource Modifiers
Realm Defense Influence Lands Law Population Power Wealth
King's Landing +5 -5 -5 +20 +5 -5 -5

Each player now rolls 1d6 and adds it to the resource of their choice. No resource may benefit from more than two extra rolls.


Roll 1d6 for First Founding
Roll Founding Historical Events*
1 Ancient 1d6+3
2 Very Old 1d6+2
3 Old 1d6+1
4 Established 1d6
5 Recent 1d6-1
6 New 1d6-2
*Minimum of one historical event