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Asian people or Asiatic people is a demonym for people from Asia. However, the use of the term varies by country and person, often referring to people from a particular region or subregion of Asia. Though it may be based on residence, it is also often considered a race or an ethnicity. In North America, the term refers most commonly to people of predominantly East Asian and Southeast Asian ancestry; however, in the United Kingdom and Anglophone Africa, the term refers most commonly to South Asians. In other countries, the term is applied in a wider sense to all people from Asia or from a number of its regions. In the United States, however, Middle Eastern and Central Asian people are usually not considered "Asian."

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/TG/ cares about asians for a few reasons:

  • Asians are the real-world equivalent complete fucking opposite of elves. Damn weeaboo.
Chinese soldier arming his rocket launcher to troll European Knights and their Siege Engines...
When we say that the Chinese were inventing automatons for shits and the medieval period...we weren't shitting you.