Ashiera are a bizare race of amphibious humanoids from an unknown world in the multiverse of Dungeons & Dragons, warped by Wild Magic to grant them the power of flight. They appeared for the first and only time in Dragon Magazine #244 for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition.

Appearance-wise, ashiera are short and stocky, with gray, hairless skin, webbed digits, gilled necks and small ears and noses. In lieu of hair, they sport ridged layers of back-sweeping flesh upon their brows. Unlike races such as fainil and telvar, ashiera do not have wings (although their artist for Dragon #244 apparently didn't get the memo), instead being able to "swim" through the air as if it were water. They have the unique ability to generate "coldfire", a magical unflame that sparks at their fingertips and crystalizes into a shower of deadly sharp shards of ice. Like most amphibious humanoids in D&D, they must moisten themselves on a semi-regular basis, or begin to fatally dehydrate.

As a species, ashiera are highly chaotic; the one constant of their society it is adaptability. Being naturally short-lived, the race places little emphasis on such lofty notions as "custom" and "tradition". Ethics, values and laws change quickly as the generations roll past, and ashiera are especially quick to embrace new technologies and new military concepts. Because of their ability to swim through the air and water, ashiera settlements tend to be settled widely apart, with the local resources determining how they subsequently develop; settlements near rich natural resources tend to develop more sophisticated economic and political structures, whilst harsh environments produce tribal bands of hunter-gatherers.

Their superior mobility, combined with their social tendency towards isolationism and their own naturally aggressive mentalities, means that ashiera are often at war with various races above and below the waves. Whilst they have been known to trade with others, raids and conquest are just as likely, especially when dealing with aquatic elves.

Ashiera do not take orders from others well, and they often change plans to take advantage of new circumstances. They do not always communicate these changes well, leading to misunderstandings and complications with non-ashieran companions. In addition, ashiera do not think twice about breaking oaths if it is to their benefit. Survival of the fittest is the one overriding philosophy of all ashieran adventurers.

Ashiera hate to be defeated. Thus, they are fierce opponents when the odds are against them. The more dire the situation, the more passionate their response.

PC StatsEdit

Ability Score Minimum/Maximum: Strength 7/19, Dexterity 3/18, Constitution 3/18, Intelligence 3/17, Wisdom 3/18, Charisma 3/18
Ability Score Adjustments: +1 Strength, -1 Dexterity, -1 Intelligence
Class & Level Limits: Fighter Unlimited, Cleric 5
Movement: 6, Swim 6, Fly 6
Special Attacks:
Coldfire: Can be used 1/day with a range of 30 feet. In the air, this manifests as an ice storm with a 10ft diameter, causing 2d6 damage. In the water, this manifests as 3 ice daggers, each with its own attack roll, that inflict 1d6 damage each on a successful hit.
Create Fog: An ashiera can wrap itself in a cloud of mist for 5 rounds, which it can do twice per day. Whilst wrapped in mist, enemy missile attacks suffer a -2 penalty.
Special Weaknesses:
Ashiera take +1 hp damage per die when exposed to fire damage.
Ashiera must spend at least an hour immersed in salt water every 3 days, or begin to dry out. They take 3 points of Strength and Constitution damage on the first day after this 3 day limit, and then a further 3 points of Strength Constitution are lost each subsequent day. After a week of this, the ashiera dies.