Asherati are one of two new PC races (unless one counts the Badlands Dwarf, Painted Elf and Scablands Half-Orc) introduced in the Sandstorm desert splatbook for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition.

Appearing as slender, graceful, hairless humanoids with smooth, rust-hued skin (which they can make glow) and slanted, ivory-colored eyes, asherati are sometimes refered to as "the merfolk of the deserts". No, seriously. These magical humanoids have the innate ability to move through and breath under sand as if it were water, which they use to conceal themselves from the harsh dangers of the desert above.

Although friendly and sociable, and certainly possessing a strong common concern for each other's welfare, asherati are notorious for having no specific behavioral rules and for a proclivity towards thieving. This gives them an official tendency towards the Chaotic Good alignment, which kind of shows how stupid those rules can be.

Outsiders mostly come to asherati sand-villages because A: they're typically willing to provide helping hands to people who can't survive in the desert, and B: asherati produce delicate sand sculptures that fetch a high price in many cities and they're eager to trade.

Base land speed 30 fet
+1 natural armor
Natural Dryness (Ex): Asherati only need 1/4 the normal amount of water per day of a Medium creatre.
Sandswim (Su): An asherati can swim through sand, ash, dust and softsand (but not slipsand, packed dirt, or rock) at their land speed whilst wearing light armor or carrying a light load. Medium or heavy armor, or a medium load, reduce their sandswim speed to 5 feet. A heavy load makes it impossible for them to sandswim.
Sandbreather (Su): An asherati can breathe normally whilst sandswimming, but this does not function in any other medium besides sand, ash, dust and softsand. It also has no enhanced ability to hold its breath, nor can it breathe underrwater.
Body Lamp (Su): At will, an asherati can make its skin glow, providing bright light out to 60 feet and shadowy illumination out to 120 feet. When sandswimming, an asherati can use this light to make out solid objects up to 60 feet away, but it's too distorted to allow for fine perception (reading, recognizing individuals, etc). Other creatures in the sand can see the glow, but cannot use it to perceive things.
Dazzling Flash: An asherati can use its Body Lamp to generate a blinding flash 1/day. All creatures within 30 feet must succeed on a Fort save (DC 10 + 1/2 asherati character level + asherati Cha modifier) or be Dazzled for 1 minute.
Heat Endurance as a bonus feat
Weapon Familiarity: Eagle's Claw is a Martial Weapon and not an Exotic Weapon.
+2 racial bonus on Move Silently & Hide checks, +4 to Hide checks in a sandy area. Can't Hide whilst using Body Lamp.
Water Vulnerability: -1 penalty on all attack rolls, ability checks and skill checks if completely wet, is forced to immediately make Con checks against drowning if immersed in water.
Favored Class: Rogue
Level Adjustment: +0