Asaatthi are a species of serpentfolk native to the Dungeons & Dragons setting of the Scarred Lands. They are a Titanspawn race, progeny of Mormo, the Mother of Serpents and the Queen of Witches, who once held an empire that stretched from the Swamps of Kan Thet to the Ukrudan Desert, but have since been reduced to isolated clans and scattered and oft-dying city-states.

An Assaatth is a bipedal humanoid, covered in scales and possessing a long neck with a serpentine head, a lengthy and slender whiplike tail, and supple digits with claw-like nails. Tall and slender, they have a deceptively delicate appearance. Their scales range in color from deep green to light tan, with markings of red, yellow or even blue. They traditionally prefer loose robes, sashes and tunics to grant them greater freedom of movement, as well as wearing large amounts of jewelry.

In their original 3rd edition depiction, Asaatthi appeared in the Creature Collection #1. Here, they were described as a clan-based culture, with family and heritage as all-important, who had fallen into decline through focusing all of their talents on crafting magical items to worship their Titan progenitor, allowing the rest of their civilization to crumble around them. They were divided into two groups; swamp-dwellers who retain the crumbling cities of their ancestors, and semi-nomadic desert dwellers. They also had a powerful poisonous bite.

In their 5th edition reappearance, in the Scarred Lands Player's Guide, Asaatthi had changed somewhat due to the setting's revision to include the Redeemed. The Redeemed Asaatthi are still a clannish people, who live in strictly hierarchical large social units, but their society is splintered and crumbling after their losses during the Divine War. In the larger cities that remain, the oft-feudalistic hierarchy of other Asaatthi groups has calcified into strict social classes governed by a robust yet elegant bureaucracy. Those serpentfolk who have chosen to renounce Mormo have striven as a people to assimilate into the new civilization networks being founded by the godspawn, and their efforts at exerting a calming influence over the Slitherin and the Ironbred combined with their own sincerity means they're making good progress.

PC StatsEdit

The Scarred Lands 5e conversion designed its races to be deliberately stronger in comparison to most of the corebook PC races, echoing design sentiments originally used in the original 3rd edition printing.

+2 Dexterity, +1 Intelligence, or +2 Intelligence, +1 Dexterity
Base land speed 30 feet, Swim speed 30 feet
Darkvision 30 feet
Asaatthi Resistance: Advantage on saving throws against poison and Resistance to Poison Damage.
Asaatthi Weapon Training: Proficiency with Falchion, Scimitar and War Fan. Asaatthi monks treat the War Fan as a Monk Weapon.
Bite Attack: Counts as a Finesse weapon with innate proficiency, dealing 1d4 piercing damage.
Keen Senses: Proficiency in Perception.
Reptilian Mind: Advantage on saving throws against being Charmed.