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Artists are the people who make the pretty pictures that accompany our traditional games. Note that this article covers professional artists only; for drawfags see here


Rob AlexanderEdit

One of the 25 original MtG artists. Most of his work can be divided into one of two categories; stunning landscapes, and things standing in front of stunning landscapes.

Steve ArgyleEdit

Worked on both D&D as well as MtG. Got himself in hot water with WotC after he made some risque fan art.

John AvonEdit

Tony DiTerlizziEdit

The only artist who has his own page on this here wiki (as of the creation of this article).

Kaja & Phil FoglioEdit

Whimsical and cartoonesque, their work provices refreshing diversity from the photo-realism prevalent in MtG.

Rebecca GuayEdit

Tragically exiled by a Fascist Art Director.

Terese NielsenEdit

Wayne ReynoldsEdit

His work is very pointy, but not weeaboo pointy.

Ron SpencerEdit

Mark TedinEdit

Kev WalkerEdit