Spear crossed with a battleaxe
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Temporal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Thought)
Portfolio Adventure, cleverness, travel
Domains Thought, Good, Travel, Courage
Worshippers Adveturers
Favoured Weapon Halfspear

Arnelee was born to well-to-do parents and could have a easy life, but instead she chose the life of an adventurer, and became close friends with the members of her adventuring party. As they wandered in distant lands, Arnelee met an Immortal, and the encounter ignited her drive to seek Immortality herself.

Path to ImmortalityEdit

Though her first attempt at petitioning failed, she eventually gained a sponsor, and undertook the Path of the Epic Hero. She rescued the Book of Gambia, a book that contained all of mankinds knowledge, from the hands of an evil cleric, and travelled the world seeking the Gloves of the Demon, gloves that permanently turn its wielder to a demon, and destroyed them by throwing them into a volcano. To complete the final task she left the group, choosing a young, girl fighter as her successor, and forged a sword that allowed her to deflect any energy. Her final task was to count all the grains of sand in the seven islands of the harbor of her home town. She accomplished this in 10 years with the help of a scale that counted all it weighed, and ascended to Immortality in the Sphere of Thought.


Arnelee appears as a well-muscled, tall, middle-aged woman, with long, chestnut-colored hair, and blue eyes.


Arnelee is brisk to the point of gruffness, and can easily alienate new aquintances, due to her being careful before making commitments. She is loyal to her true friends, and is tolerant of those who don't interfere with her designs.

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