Ares Gunship

I mean, yeah sure it looks like an Orion with a botched butt job. But once it points that cannon at almost anyone, its fucking over.

The more Dakka version of the Orion Gunship...if it was even possible. The Ares Gunship is a type of aircraft used by the Legio Custodes used during the Great Crusade-era where it developed the same reputation as a 6th Edition Eldar Wraithknight. Yeah, we are off to a 'great' start here laddies. Emprah help us all.


It follows a similiar shape as the Orion with several key differences. The first is that it lacks the cargo bay at the back, which exposes its engines for all to see. Whilst this change makes the Ares hideous and ungainly (and it is shockingly ugly), it also decreases weight and increases top speed. The second is a slightly different tailplane design which looks...far more 'aquilon' than the Orion's. But third and most importantly of all, the Ares replaces the Orion's two Lastrum bolt cannons, two Spiculus bolt launchers with vent systems and two Arachnus heavy blaze cannon for one giant FUCK OFF LASER called the Arachnus Magna-Blaze Cannon. Does it sound obnoxiously long? Yes indeed, but holy hell is it one heck of a laser.

This giant laser-pointer of doom had such a reputation, that, during the Unification Wars the month-long standstill on the Antipodean Peninsula was broken when a single golden birdie was merely hovering above the domicile of that regime's Chancellor, it automatically led to the enemy's unconditional surrender. After Terra was united under the Emperor's rule, the Ares Gunship would then be deployed against the Imperium's enemies in the Great Crusade.

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