A 12-pointed, yellow star
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Dead God
Pantheon Praemal
Portfolio Light
Domains Light
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers None left
Favoured Weapon Longsword

Ardaen is the long dead god of light once worshipped by elves of Praemal.


Before his death, Ardaen had a library dedicated to him on the island of Oppalenkar. When it was destroyed, he cried and the tears were caught in a chalice, which now is perhaps the last relic of his faith. His death came thousands of years ago, when Gorgoth-Lol, along with a group of evil gods tricked and slew him.


Despite being well and truly dead, the elves still revere him and take care of his shrines. He even has priests, though they are little more than glorified cleaners who keep the shrines nice and clean. These priests can often seem sad, what with being forced to take care of a dead gods places of worship, and sometimes dream of him coming back to life.

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