Aramis Corselle

Aramis Corselle– Coastal Merfolk Sorcerer

Ishka Anosa – Coastal Merfolk Oracle Cohort


Born to the prestigious and aristocratic Corselle family, Aramis is particularly talented in the sorcerous arts. The Corselle estate lies in an area of strong arcane ambience cause by the intersection of several lay lines, which has given the family a long history of arcane ability. While he was still developing inside a soft gelatinous egg in the family manor, a rare comet was in the night sky. This comet was not made of ice or rock. It was raw astral magic in a physical form that can only exist in void of space. The magical field emitted by this comet disrupted and resonated with the magical fabric of the lay lines, which caused a shard of the comet to break away and descend to earth. In a great spear of arcane energy, it burned its way toward the surface. Its magic rapidly dissipating in the conflagration, the last small remnant of the meteor crashed into the sea directly above the nursery of the Corselle Estate. The remaining astral shards and dust covered the nursery and even passed through the permeable skin of Aramis’s egg. The comet’s magic saturated his still developing body. Within moments all of the magic had dissipated, but Aramis was changed forever. The comet’s power infused his soul, and his blood now radiates with unknowable scintillating astral power.

For generations, one of the duties and privileges of the family has been to protect and advise the priestesses at temple of the Oracle. Aramis was trained since birth to shoulder this responsibility. For several years he has served in the temple’s guard, and has just begun rising through the ranks of the officer corps due to his education, training, and unnatural gift. He now serves as the vizier and guardian to a young and newly discovered oracle named Ishka.


Ishka Anosa was born in a common family working in a small farming village. She lived an average life until adolescence when she was suddenly stricken with blindness. For years she was completely blind, but this was just the prelude to something greater. Although her vision of the normal world was completely impaired, she gained sight that could see beyond superficial existence. Ishka now sees the laws, forces, magics, and threads of reality that lay behind the physical universe. This vision is similar to a multidimensional fabric of glowing lights, symbols, and lines in a dreamlike starry expanse behind the physical and knowable world.

Aramis discovered Ishka while traveling. He became intrigued with her unique abilities and came to believe that she was a chosen vessel of Desna. He took her to the temple and where she was trained by the priestesses to use her special gifts. Her powers are a unique form of divine magic that uses her astral vision to wield the underlying fabric of existence. Eventually Ishka became an Oracle of the Temple.

For several years, Aramis has lived a successful but relatively uneventful life at the temple as a lieutenant and advisor. His success is as much a function of his birth as his merit, and he has not yet been truly tested. However, this idealic situation is not destined to last. Despite the daily premonitions by the oracle, life at the temple is about to change…

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