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Araby was an area in the Warhammer World based roughly on the medieval Middle East. The Arabyans had scimitars and jezzail muskets and used them to fight back those Tomb King guys when they came about uninvited stirring shit up. Much like Kislev, they had an army all the way back in Warmaster, which included flying carpets and magicians who could summon djinni. Oh and they had Elephant Cavalry.

Araby’s most prominent appearance is little lore than a sidestory in Bretonnian history, serving as the impetus of their great crusade. Long story short, the evil vizier got tricked by the Skaven into believing that Estalia was going to invade. He launches a “pre-emptive” attack, crushing and enslaving Estalia as its virtually powerless to stop the invaders. Bretonnia, meanwhile, is deeply concerned by the horrific injustice happening right next door, and proceeds to beat the shit out of Araby all the way back to the desert until the Vizier is Killed and the once-proud nation is a shadow of its former self. Those who left home brought with them booty, others decided to vassalize some of the remaining city-states. And Araby has been the punching bag of both Bretonnia and the Tomb Kings ever since.

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