Aquila Lander

Behold the most blatant Aquila reference of the Imperium.

The Aquila Lander is a spaceshuttle used by the Imperial Navy and is possibly one of their most iconic vehicles. Used to transport high ranking Imperial officers or nobles and those smug pricks from orbit to ground, the Aquila Lander is not designed to be an offensive vehicle although it does carry a Heavy Bolter in defense, however it is well armored enough to survive atmospheric insertion that it can protect its passengers from several hits before going down. It is also named due to the fact that its wings resembles a bird and you must be absolutely blind to not see why.

The Aquila Lander is named after the iconic crest of the Imperium of Man, the Aquila, due to the unique shape of its wings and if you didn't even know that, than you must have reached a new record of blindness. The multiple independent engine vents that run up along the wings come together to form a distinctive "feathered" appearance, which is similar to the wings of the Imperial Aquila symbol.

The Aquila Lander does not possess Warp capability and thus is not suited for interstellar travel. The Aquila Lander is highly maneuverable in both space and in atmosphere, and this is its best defence against any attackers. In case of assault by an enemy, the shuttle is heavily armoured and can withstand several direct hits from the weapons of most strike aircraft. During landing the entire crew compartment lowers to the ground for easier access.

The Aquila usually has one crewman, a pilot, in an armored cockpit at the front of the vehicle and enough seats to house several important people. Twin jet engines are beside the cockpit and built within the fuselage, which allows the vehicle to hover over its landing point. Above them is an observation dome. Sometimes the Aquila are decorated with lots and lots of purity seals.

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