Apples to Apples/Green Apples

/tg/-related green apple cards

As per the rules of Apples to Apples, these cards are all adjectives that describe things that elegan/t g/entlement, fa/tg/uys and neckbeards encounter and are familiar with. Or maybe should be more familiar with than we are.

Format is simple: Bulleted list, a single adjective followed by some appropriate synonyms. Try to keep it in alphabetical order.

  • Boring - dull, monotonous, tedious
  • Cupboardy - Antiquated, Cupboard-like, Superannuated
  • ENRAGED - angry, furious, murderous
  • Heresy - forbidden, taboo, wrong
  • Jailbait - Trap, Lure, Oh Shi-
  • Just As Planned - orchestrated, prepared, foreseen
  • Weeaboo - azn, otaku, gay for Japan
  • Mary Sue - without flaw, perfect
  • Grim Dark -
  • Tactical Genius -
  • Dick - IE: Eldrad Ulthran, Asrubadael Vect, among others