Apocalypse Spells

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Apocalypse Spells are a unique kind of monster found only in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition so far. A variant of Living Spells, Apocalypse Spells are born when similar phenomena applies to epic level magic, such as that wielded by gods or the most powerful of archmages. These living spells are of incredible power, and rituals to summon and tame them are sought by the power-mad or the apocalyptically insane.

These monsters debuted in the 4e Monster Manual 3, which contained lore and stats for five Apocalypse Spells; the Prison of Mual-Tar, the Herald of Colorless Fire, the Shard of Uralinda, the Godslayer Inferno, and the Light of Amoth.


Prison of Mual-TarEdit

Mual-tar is a mighty Archomental of thunder and lightning, imprisoned in the Elemental Chaos through the combined efforts of Moradin, Bahamut and Pelor with the aid of four rune-enscribed chains the size of mountains. Such is the fury with which Mual-Tar struggles that slivers of magic-impregnated god-metal have broken off of his chains - especially when he snapped one off! These shards of divinely touched metal and magic have sprung to life, becoming roving monsters that stalk the Elemental Chaos, seeking to imprison or destroy all that they encounter. Some vestige of their former purpose still seems to cling to them; they dislike attacking creatures obviously wielding divine energies, and prefer to go after those tainted with elemental power instead - divine magic users have even been able to barter with the creatures to turn them against elemental threats.

A Prison of Mual-Tar appears as a Large-sized golem like figure made of jagged steel in the crude shape of a human outline; the head floats separate from the chest, which in turn floats separate from the pelvis, with the legs separating at the knees - glowing white radiance clings to these gaps and holds the chunks of metal together. Its head is a crude mimic of a humanoid face, with barbed chains wound about where the eyes should be above a mouth carved in an uneven gape, as if locked in an eternal scream. It has no arms, with instead long, barbed chains emerging from its jagged shoulder-stumps like metallic tentacles.

Mechanically, this is a Level 26 Soldier.

Herald of Colorless FireEdit

Resembling human-sized fire elementals made of colorless flame, the Heralds are the remnants of an empire-killing spell that annihilated an entire civilization by burning the land on which it stood to dust under a rain of colorless fire. Somehow kindled from the destruction they had wrought, the Heralds are fueled by nothing more than pure malice and wrath; they exist to annihilate whatever they encounter, and they are a lot smarter than you'd think (Intelligence 15), so they're more than capable of using cunning to satisfy their sadism. They are incredibly quick-moving, but are uniquely vulnerable to cold attacks, which can temporarily slow them down.

A Herald of Colorless Fire is mechanically statted as a level 27 Skirmisher.

Shard of UralindaEdit

The Shards of Uralinda are the creation of Rodielle, an Archfey of the Winter Fey who reacted to the spurning of his romantic overtures by a member of the Summer Court by laying waste to the eladrin city of Uralinda with a magical rain of razor-sharp, jagged ice. Somehow, the spell went even further than he had intended; the souls of the thousands slain by his spells were captured by the ice shards, which became self-perpetuating. The storm split into many smaller, human-like figures and has since begun roaming the multiverse, killing and destroying - the tortured souls inside yearn for death, but cannot stay the murderous impulses left by their creator, instead simply throwing themselves desperately into battle and hoping for salvation. Shards of Uralinda are the weakest of the Apocalypse Spells, and their broken minds means they readily submit to the control of strong-willed masters.

Mechanically, they function as level 28 Minion Soldiers.

Godslayer InfernoEdit

Resembling the Heralds of Colorless Fire, but made of churning white and violet flames, Godslayer Infernos are the remnants of a powerful killing spell wrought by the Primordials to destroy gods; these unearthly flames suppress the immortal nature of the gods they burn, tearing away their divine essence and preventing them from discorporating - thus ensuring they would be killed. But the embers of these flames absorbed the burnt-off godly essence, and sprang to life as mighty elemental-like creatures, still hungry for godly fuel. They are eagerly sought out by those who wish to battle the gods, and are most often found either rampaging through the Astral Sea - where they frequently assault Celestia and Hestavar - or else seeking out and destroying temples, relics and theocracies on the mortal world.

A Godslayer Inferno is a level 28 Artillery monster.

Light of AmothEdit

The Lights of Amoth, which appear as Large-sized, golem-like figures of ice lit from within with holy radiance, are the remnant of the death of Amoth. When the Demon Princes Orcus, Demogorgon and Rimmon stormed the Astral Sea dominion of Kalandurren, they brought Amoth to his knees. Rather than accept his fate, he tried to go out fighting; he sacrificed his own life to cast an apocalyptically powerful spell that created a surge of soul-freezing, flesh-burning radiance. Unfortunately, Orcus and Demogorgon managed to narrowly escape by using Rimmon as a living shield against this chill radiance, which completely shattered the essences of god and demon alike.

Days after they had fled, specks of bitterly cold light began to rise from Kalandurren's landscape, forming into the hulking shapes of semisentient creatures that fused the wrath of the slain god with the fury of the dead demon lord. The creatures dispersed across the cosmos, fueled by an insatiable desire to destroy immortals and elementals alike - vindictive in the extreme, these level 30 Brutes are often manipulated by both demons and angels into battling on their sides.