Angels of Vigilance

Color Scheme of the Angels of Vigilance
Angels of Vigilance
AoV shoulderpad.png
Founding Second TWENTY-FIFTH Founding
Successors of Dark Angels Unknown
Homeworld Pervigilium
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Yellow & Black

A very obscure chapter that have only been connected to two major battles, but what little information gleaned makes them quite intriguing.


The origins of the Angels of Vigilance are shrouded in mystery. But given their prediliction for wearing robes, their stubborn and unflinching devotion to duty and the tendency of certain chapters to name their successors "Angels of..." it is suspected that they may be one of the Dark Angels Second Founding Chapters that have either been conveniently "missing" for thousands of years or deny any links to the Dark Angels.

The fortress-monastery of the Angels of Vigilance is a gigantic orbital spacedock circling the world of Pervigilium close to the Eye of Terror. Each time the fleets of Chaos vomit forth, the Angels of Vigilance muster to fight them. While they may be one of the Astartes Praeses since the full twenty chapters have not yet been named, it is potentially unlikely that they are a member of them since they have been observed fighting in different Segmentums.

The Angels of Vigilance have never once mobilised their entire Chapter to fight in warzones across the galaxy. Each Battle-Brother of the Chapter has sworn a blood oath that the Angels of Vigilance's fortress-monastery shall never be undefended and each time the Chapter has been called to war, at least one company is duty-bound to remain behind on garrison duty. This has occasionally caused the High Lords of Terra to question their loyalty when the Chapter outright ignores them... but if they truly are successors of the Dark Angels, then that is no surprise at all.

The source of this blood oath is unrecorded, however following the Horus Heresy, the Dark Angels Legion of Space Marines disobeyed direct orders from the High Lords of Terra (surprise surprise) and launched a campaign against the rulers of Pervigilium. Years later, following the Second Founding, the Angels of Vigilance took up station around the planet remained ever since. Which hints that there may be something interesting about the planet if the Dark Angels decided to stick around, particularly if they left Angels of VIGILANCE to remain to watch over it.

The confusion brought up about the chapter is that despite their history, they have not been confirmed as a Second Founding chapter, and have instead been listed in White Dwarf as having been founded in the 40th Millenium, which is around approximately the 25th Founding. As mentioned earlier, this would not be the first time that the Dark Angels apparently have unexplained successor chapters popping up out of no-where with long, yet conflicting histories or with wargear suggesting provenance of a considerable age. This potentially hints that there may be many more Second Founding chapters hidden in the Imperium that no-one knows about (which is almost a certainty as several of the Ultramarine successors have yet to be named) but which further hints that the First Legion may have broken up into many more chapters than originally thought.

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