Angels of Redemption

Angels of Redemption
Battle Cry Undetermined, possibly REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPENT
Founding Second Founding
Successors of Dark Angels
Primarch Lion El'Jonson
Strength probably the same as the Dark Angels
Specialty terminators, bikes, abandoning allies
Colours Green & Bone White halved down the middle.

The Angels of Redemption are a Second Founding chapter of the Dark Angels and behave and function in a manner very similar to their parent chapter, including have similar formations in the Deathwing and Ravenwing, keeping in touch with the other Unforgiven chapters, and sharing the Inner Circle and the hunt for the MEMBERS OF THE NINE TRAITOR LEGIONS!.

As a Second Founding chapter, they have a long and celebrated history just like the Dark Angels. Unfortunately, they were never taught by their parents the important life lessons of courtesy and keeping your promises. So where the Dark Angels and the other Unforgiven have managed to balance their duties to the Imperium with the hunt for the FILTHY TRAITORS WHICH ARE IN NO WAY RELATED TO THE DARK ANGELS in such a way as to not be noticed while they do it (mostly by only sending groups of elite units so the rest of the Chapter isn't tied down and by prioritizing the Imperium over their vendetta in the most extreme situations), the Angels of Redemption lose their minds whenever the merest whiff of HERETICS FROM THE TRAITOR LEGIONS comes in their direction and they drop whatever it is that they were doing and go chasing them like a dog running after a car.

Obviously to anyone who is not Unforgiven, this makes the Angels of Redemption seem a bit unreliable at best and some commanders have even gone so far as to decline aid from them rather than risk abandonment later on. It's unlikely Astartes care about their "offer" of assistance being refused. They'll stomp mudholes anyway.

On the tabletop, the Angels of Redemption behave exactly like Dark Angels but with a different colour scheme (though they have no unique special characters), but in the Deathwatch (RPG), Angels of Redemption characters make excellent trackers, since they are always on the lookout for signs of the Fallen.

In the RPG, there is even an incident described where the 1st and 2nd companies of the Angels of Redemption appeared in orbit above an Imperial Guard fortress world and demanded access to the dungeons. When they were refused entry they shot their way in and left three days later with several stasis caskets without saying a word. One wonders who the moron was who refused entry to an army of Space Marine Terminators. Especially since the Astartes out-rank them. Probably not so much of a moron considering the caskets are almost guaranteed to hold Fallen and the commander probably knew they were Dark Angel traitors and feared he was facing down a renegade chapter trying to cover its tracks. In that case it was badassery and incredible courage.

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