Angels Vigilant

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Angels Vigilant
Founding Second Founding
Successors of Void Angels
Chapter Master Kesh Kanak (Founding)
Primarch Gaspard Lumey
Homeworld Fleet-based
Strength 1,000 at establishment
Specialty Space combat, boarding actions
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Blue, dark green, and gold

The Angels Vigilant were a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of the Second Founding. Their first Chapter Master, Kesh Kanak, and the founding cadre were veterans of the Fifth Legion's many space battles. The expertise of that original generation has been passed down and refined through the ages.

The Light of ReasonEdit

During the Core Worlds Campaign, the Fifth Legion captured two immense spacecraft, relics of the Dark Age of Technology. One was gifted to the Adeptus Mechanicus, and became known as The Light of the Omnissiah. The other, after a refit by the Techpriests of Al-Sherar, entered the Fifth's service as The Light of Reason. Yet it also became a devolved component of the Republic of Ciban, settled by a civilian population that would grow to over a million souls.

The Light of Reason's commissioning was timely. Barely out of its shakedown cruise, the great city-ship was called on to serve as the Legion's base of operations in their long sojourn in the Galactic fringe. While not able to produce weapons of war on the scale of a Forge World, the citizens of The Light of Reason toiled to keep the Void Angels stocked with ammunition, food, and other supplies.

The great vessel would go on to become the base of the Angels Vigilant Chapter.

Chapter Combat DoctrineEdit

The Angels Vigilant are expert spacers and have spent much of their history fighting alongside the Imperial Navy. Although technically required to orient themselves towards planetary assault, the Chapter's strike cruisers and battle barges are still formidable warships.

Planetside, the Angels Vigilant have a higher-than-usual number of jump-pack equipped troops, highly valuing the manoeuvrability of this technology.

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