Angels Imperious

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Angels Imperious
Battle Cry "Fear not - and conquer!"
Founding Second Founding
Successors of Void Angels
Chapter Master Fabrice Diallo (Founding)
Primarch Gaspard Lumey
Homeworld Kouralia
Strength 1,000 at establishment
Specialty Planetary assault, close-quarters fighting
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Blue and pale blue

The Angels Imperious were an Institutorum Astartes-compliant Space Marine Chapter and a proud successor of the Void Angels from the Second Founding.


Chapter HistoryEdit

Following the calamity of the Hektor Heresy, the great Space Marine Legions were broken up into Space Marine Chapters consisting of 1,000 battle brothers and their support. This measure, eventually agreed to by all of the surviving Loyalist Primarchs, was intended to keep the might of the Space Marines spread out among a thousand Chapter Masters rather than husbanded by a handful of Legion Masters. This ensured that a rebellion by the Imperium's super-human protectors could never again ravage the whole Galaxy. Gaspard Lumey, sire of the Void Angels laid out the military organisation of the Chapters in the Institutorum Astartes. Utterly committed to the plan of the Institutorum, Lumey broke up his Legion and did not even take command of a single Chapter.

Fabrice Diallo was a particular favourite of Gaspard Lumey and led many of the critical assaults of the Void Angels campaigns in the Great Crusade. Diallo was especially famous for commanding the ground attack on Karazak during the Core Worlds Campaign. It was something of a surprise that he did not inherit the command of the Void Angels chapter from his gene-sire, but none questioned his appointment at the head of the Angels Imperious.

If Diallo was true to his gene-sire's teachings, the politics of the Reformed Imperium saw him abandon many of the Void Angels old alliances. While the mother Chapter kept up a pact with the Forge World Al-Sherar, the Angels Imperious turned to smaller Ghalhal for their supplies.

Notable CampaignsEdit

Like many of the Void Angels' Successors, the Angels Imperious were sorely tested in the Second Vetrovnak Incursion. Their ancient Chapter Master, Fabrice Diallo, was called on to command the whole Imperial war machine, just as his gene-sire had done in the days after the Scouring, and the warriors of the Angels Imperious often led or advised the war fleets dispatched to battle the children of Hvar.

Notable MembersEdit

Chapter Combat DoctrineEdit

This Chapter was militant in its observance of the combat doctrines of the Institutorum Astartes. Their formations were organised and deployed efficiently in the manner prescribed in that tome. Their training orients itself towards flexibility, though Fabrice Diallo's long tenure left a legacy of aggressive close-quarters fighting.

The Angels Imperious greatly benefited from training alongside the Imperial Guard regiments of the Markian Corps. Such close association gave the Chapter a keen understanding of the capabilities of mortal soldiers. During emergencies in the Segmentum Pacificus, it is common to see a senior warrior of the Angels Imperious commanding a large combined-arms force.

Chapter BeliefsEdit

The Angels Imperious revered Gaspard Lumey even more so than other Chapters. They see the Primarch's works as a comprehensive guide to the conduct of the Adeptus Astartes and strive to carry on in the tradition of the Fifth Legion; dedicated to the Imperial Truth, resolute in the defence of mankind, ruthless in the persecution of its enemies. Such a position occasionally puts them at odds with the moral code of the Institutorum Astartes penned by Thomas Gaudin during the Imperial Reformation. Yet such eccentricities are permissible in a Chapter so loyal and fierce.

Antoine Antonelle is also a figure of some veneration in the Chapter and his death at the Battle of Rai is solemnly remembered every year. No Marines loathe Tribulus Bercilak and the Green Men with quite the same passion as the Angels Imperious.

Although the Chapter has no divergent ranks, certain of its officers hold specific responsibilities in the Markian sub-sector:

  • The Chapter Master is styled Warden of the Markian Pact and is the nominal overlord of the old Pact worlds.
  • The Master of the Collegium is styled March-Lord of Kouralia. His authority is more often invoked than the other Lords of the Angels Imperious, due to the Chapter's need for security about its fortress-barracks.
  • The Master of the Forge is styled March-Lord of Lemartia. The Mining World often sees its sovereign as a representative of the Forge World Ghalhal, which trains the Techmarines of the Angels Imperious and maintains close ties to the Markian Pact worlds.
  • The First Captain (commanding the Chapter's Veterans) is styled March-Lord of Atashia. The routine business of this important world is largely left to its own representatives.
  • The Second Captain (commanding the Chapter's Commandos) is styled March-Lord of Thenar. Although the Second Squadron often visit their demesne, they are most frequently using the Agri-World's open spaces for training exercises.

Chapter HomeworldEdit

When the great Void Angels Legion was divided up, Diallo was entrusted with protecting liberties of the Markian Pact worlds. Much like Ciban IV, the worlds of the Pact maintain their own government and, according to the letter of their laws, exercise control over their Chapter. In the eyes of the Imperium, however, the situation is reversed and the local governments are mere vassal administrations subordinate to the Chapter Master of the Angels Imperious.

The Chapter's base on the Water World Kouralia allows for the Angels Imperious to remain discrete in their operations while still basing themselves in an area rich in potential aspirants. Close proximity to the Void Angels Chapter means that the two often coordinate their activities.

Chapter AppearanceEdit

The colours of the Angels Imperious are dark blue and pale blue. This scheme honours the ancient alliance between the Astartes of Gaspard Lumey's line and the people of the Markian Pact.

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