The Anchorite is an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons character class created for the Ravenloft setting. A variant of the Cleric class, it serves to represent a priest of Ezra.

This class is officially detailed in the 2e sourcebook "Domains of Dread" - however, the official stance that Ravenloft PCs were banned from the Evil alignments meant that Anchorites of the Lawful Evil "Zealots" sect from Darkon were not represented; the netbook The Book of Secrets amended this wrong with their article "Anchors of Faith".

Mechanically, the Anchorite differs from the cleric as follows:

Prime Ability Requisite: Wisdom
Minimum Ability Requirements: Wisdom 12+, Charisma 15+
Race Restriction: Human
Alignment Restrictions: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Lawful Evil, as appropriate for the anchorite's sect.
Can only wear armor made of metal; if metal armor isn't available, then the anchorite must go unarmored.
Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral Anchorites have the same weapon restrictions as normal clerics (ie, no edged weapons); True Neutral and Lawful Evil Anchorites can wield a single-hand edged weapon in conjunction with a shield.
Sanctuary of the Church: An Anchorite can seek shelter and safe haven from temples of Ezra.
Regardless of alignment, all Anchorites Turn Undead, they cannot Command Undead.
Mist Walking: At 9th level onwards, by entering the Mists of Ravenloft, an Anchorite can teleport from a given domain to any other domain that is physically linked to that same domain (ie, part of the Core or part of the same Cluster). At 13th level, they can take 1 companion with them when they teleport between domains, expanding this ability to 1 extra companion per level afterwards. At 15th level, they can travel between any Domain as they like by Mist Walking, but they cannot carry allies with them if traveling between non-linked domains. This ability cannot penetrate closed domain borders, and automatically alerts the resident Darklord both that the challenge was made and where the anchorite is if they try.
Shield of Ezra: At 6th level, an anchorite can engage Ezra's protection 3 times per day; it takes 1 round to activate her Shield, and the Shield lasts for a number of rounds equal to half the anchorite's experience level. The effects of the Shield depend on the anchorite's sect. See the Ezra page for details.
Spellcasting Domains: An anchorite's sect determines its access to Priestly Spheres. See the Ezra page for details.