An Eldar's Ears

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"I as an inquisitor trust you will handle this knowledge responsibly."

A bit of writefaggotry created by a swell Anon about a Commissar pleasuring a female Eldar captive. We would call this heresy, but truly now, what's the point?

Xenology's dissection of an Eldar contains notes regarding the morphology of the specimen, including one most peculiar mention of their pointy ears being "packed with nerve-endings," making them quite sensitive; the dissector, one truly crazy Magos Biologis by the name of Sharle Darvus, added the suggestion "(Speculation: Erogenous?)" to the end of the notation, spawning the original thread. Considering Xenology's age at this point, it's amazing this didn't happen sooner. The story itself borders on hot human-on-xenos sex, with brief details on much more titillating aspects of Eldar physiology, but only recently started getting into full-fledged PROMOTIONS territory.

Irony of ironies: Eldar are easily overwhelmed and enslaved to powerful sensations. Even being roughly dominated would quickly make them addicted to it. The most promotional hidden joke of all is that if the Imperium were less xenophobic, the Eldar would probably have been very easily made into a bunch of toys for humanity and they would genuinely LOVE and be obsessed about it! No wonder the Eldar are so bothered by mankind!

It's kind of a shame to see it ended where it did and not anything more satisfying.

‘I will watch over you, witch,’ Kallrick forced confidence he didn’t feel into his voice – another gift of political officer training, and one that had sent many men to their deaths in the past. ‘Your transport arrives within the hour.’

‘Perhaps so. But it is not my destiny to be collared by the mon-keigh for long. The river of my Fate will flow into a new stream.’ She seemed irritated, as if he was at fault for missing the significance of her twisting words.

As she spoke, one of her long, pointed ears twitched slightly. Kallrick narrowed his eyes. When her left ear twitched again, she blinked and wrinkled her nose as if uncomfortable. She noticed his scrutiny and lowered her amber eyes with a smile.

‘My ear itches.’

Kallrick breathed slowly, hoping the witch couldn’t sense his heart beating faster. He could just reach out to her, scratch the itch, ease her twitching ear. His hand froze halfway to her face. What was he doing? Touching the prisoner? Did he even care about some petty discomfort she might feel?

Her gaze met his. The inhumanity of her honey-gold eyes both enraptured and repelled him. He could read some emotion there: her shyness at admitting to the itch; her curiosity as his hand neared her face. But so much remained unreadable. Her expression was almost human, but the daemon, as they say, is in the details. That one vital detail.

Almost. She was ‘almost’ human.

‘You look at me as though I were a beast waiting to devour your hand,’ she said softly.

Her eyes never left his. Her angelic face was still formed into a delicate expression mixing both coyness and…something more eager. Did she want him to touch her? Kallrick drew his bolt pistol with his other hand, keeping it clutched in his fist. ‘If I do lose my hand to you, witch, it will be the last mistake you ever make.’

She didn’t answer immediately. Her nose wrinkled for a moment as her left ear twitched again.

‘Your prize is collared and bound, mon-keigh. Your threats to me are meaningless.’

The commissar cast a final glance at his pistol to be sure it was ready to fire if needed. Then, with his cheeks burning, his eyes flicked to the closed door. Above the arch, the red bulb glared dimly. Still locked.

So he scratched her ear for her.

The whisper of leather gloves on naked skin was barely perceptible. Fingers sheathed in rough leather stroked from the base of her ear to the pointed tip. Kallrick swallowed as his fingertips slid along her pale flesh, teeth clenched as her ear twitched under his touch. He heard her let out a shivering breath, and their eyes met again.

‘That does not help,’ she said in her alien accent. ‘That only… I do not know the word.’ She stared into his eyes, licking her blood-red lips to moisten them. ‘Liasha, in my tongue. The touch to make laughter.’

‘It…tickles?’ Kallrick swallowed, feeling his skin crawl at her use of a xeno-language. Yet he didn’t pull his hand away.

‘Yes,’ she smiled like a little girl given a new toy to play with, and rolled the word around her mouth a few times as if to taste it. ‘Tickles. It tickles. Yes.’

Kallrick stroked her ear again, this time more firmly between his thumb and fingers. She exhaled another soft, shuddering breath, and bit her bottom lip.

‘Better?’ he asked. Her answer was a breathy ‘Mmhmm’ and nothing more. The commissar stroked the tip of her ear, noticing she’d now closed her eyes.

‘Cease now,’ she said after the third stroke. ‘Please.’

Kallrick clutched his pistol tighter. ‘Why?’

He didn’t obey her. He stroked her ear once more. To insult her? To show her who gave the orders? Just to keep touching her, even through his sense-stealing gloves? Throne, what would her skin feel like on his fingertips if he touched her ungloved…

‘My ears are…’ she trailed off, shivering at the touch. ‘They are very… I do not know the word.’

Kallrick smirked a little, gently pinching the tip of her ear and rewarded by a soft ‘Oh…’ and a stream of whispered xeno-words that sounded suspiciously like curses. Her eyes were still closed. Kallrick looked down her face to her rising and falling breasts.

Now her bodysuit showed twin nipple bumps capping her large breasts, jutting proudly from the silky alien material. The commissar took a deep breath, watching them poke out more noticeably as he touched her.

Almost human, he thought again. The notion was maddening. Just look at her. Almost human…

‘Sensitive,’ he finally said. ‘Your ears are sensitive.’


She got no further. Kallrick heard a sudden sound and he shot to his feet, pistol aimed down at the witch for several heartbeats before he realised the noise was his vox-bead chiming.

‘This is Kallrick,’ he said, once his breath was back. He listened to the other speaker, and nodded curtly. ‘Understood.’ The link was closed.

Their eyes met again in the near-darkness.

‘Your ride is about to land, witch,’ he said. ‘Your escort to headquarters will be here in five minutes.’

Kallrick hit the door release and stalked from the tank, hating how hard those words had been to say, and hating himself for looking back at her as she sat in the APC. She was staring after him silently.

It took several seconds for the commissar to break eye contact, and several more to commit to walking away.

He had an escort to meet.

Alternate Version: It's Heresy TimeEdit

She stopped mid speech, near-overcome by the ministrations. Her breathing was fast and hurried now, another sign that was almost too human to contemplate. She flushed a pale pink across her face, like a woman, and her legs bound beneath her wiggled in their ropes. How else could the alien respond? What other anatomical responses could he find? Surely such information would be important, even valuable to the Imperium.

Kallrick stopped stroking abruptly, taking one gloved hand away from her ears and restraining it behind his back with the other, still clutching the bolt pistol. He set his face in the stern interrogative glare of a hundred summary trials, eyes narrowed. The alien paused mid-contented hum and opened her eyes to gaze upwards at him.

'Hm- why have you stopped?'

'You have shown that your ears are sensitive. Where else? Show me.'

She blushed even more, spreading the faint pink hue across her entire porcelain face. Kallrick noticed the faintest of twitches affect the corners of her mouth, almost an embarrassed smile on a creature with less self-control.

'N-no. You'll get nothing out of me, mon-keigh.'

Kellrick sighed behind the outward facade. The xenos would be uncooperative. He would have to experiment directly. He allowed one hand to come around from behind his back and approach the Eldar again.

This time he dropped his reach slightly downwards, letting the leather on the back of his glove rest against the now-rosy cheek of the captive. Her eyes swiveled downwards and to the side, staring at Kellrick's hand with a dispassionate and level stare. If only he could remove his glove! The warmth of her blush, the soft and yielding feel of her smooth skin-

Kellrick clamped down on his errant thoughts with practiced brutality. The xenos was beginning to get to him. He would proceed with the experimentation, nothing more. Moving the hand to increase the rate of stimulation, to begin with. The Eldar seemed surprised.

'What are you-'


Kellrick could not afford to let the xenos' tongue affect him.

'I am investigating your responses. Cooperate."

She said nothing, but continued to stare at his hand. Her eyes tracked it as it made soft, lazy passes up and down her cheek. It appeared to Kellrick that this area did not hold the same attraction as the ear. He would shift his focus.

He let his gloved hand drop slightly again, brushing against and under the jawline. This had a more promising result.

'It tickles again! Hee hee- please, do not!'

Interesting. Kellrick slowed his pace, letting the glove touch less of the neck and more of the jaw. It was yielding flesh again, but with a hard interior of bone. How much did these Eldar impersonate the human form? Letting the glove slide down to her shoulder, around the collar that kept her psyker powers from use, Kellrick confirmed that the xenos actually had a collarbone, or a pale imitation, as well.

Downwards still, his investigations were met with a frustrating barrier. The xeno's skin-tight suit was interrupting Kellrick's attempts to induce sensation and response. With his glove, it was proving difficult. Removing the xenos' clothing was out of the question. But to remove his glove...

Her suit appeared to hold no threat. His bolt pistol, still held behind his back, would provide an adequate deterrent to any treachery. Surely there would be little risk. Kellrick brought the armed hand around from his back, to display his power and possible consequences as much as to pull at the fingers and wrist of his glove.

She continued to stare with those large, gold eyes. If they were human, he would even call them deep and entrancing. Her bright red lips were trembling - was she afraid, or excited? How much was she planning? What if she had him in a trap made of honey, ready to snap it shut and drown him?

Kellrick clamped down on his doubts again. He was in control. She was bound and warded, and had no power. He had a bolt pistol in his hand, and would kill the Eldar at the first loss of control. Investigating the xenos response to stimuli was the objective. He would retain the upper hand and emerge victorious with the information.

He let his bare hand touch and brush down the xenos' bodysuit, starting from the collar and following the slope of her breast. By the Emperor, the material was softer and smoother than even the finest furs. The Eldar's breathing caught, a small hitch in what had become a steady rhythm. Another successful result. He decided to reinforce it with a snide remark.

'Does it affect you here as well, xenos? How does it feel?'

'It does not, mon-keigh. You are failing to affect me.'

Kellrick could see evidence to the contrary. Despite trying to maintain steady eye contact, she kept flicking down to glance at his bare hand on the breast of her bodysuit. Her breathing was beginning to become irregular again. Her face was reddening. Kellrick thought it was affecting her indeed. He would press his advantage.

He began to stroke ever downwards with each pass, coming closer and closer to the the stiff bumps that marked where the nipples were. Now that his attention was on the area, Kellrick noticed that the Eldar's breast was well-endowed. The bodysuit's alien matierial was especially taut around it, making the xenos' aroused state plainly obvious.

'I think I am affecting you. I think you are beginning to lose control, xenos.'

The Eldar did not reply at first, only dropping her gaze to stare at the floor. Her bound legs began to squirm again.

'I am in control. Your touch is failing, mon-keigh. I am in con- Ah!'

Her mantra was interrupted as Kellrick finally brought his hand down to brush a nipple, briefly compressing the soft nub under a finger. He did it again, and again, eliciting more gasps from the alien.

'Ahn! No!'

Now he was in control. He turned his hand to let two fingers come together, trying a rougher approach.

'Plea- Ah! It hurts!'

'Does it, xenos?'

Kellrick smiled at the captive's discomfort. Here she was, an enemy of the Imperium, bound and giving up information as to her weaknesses with so little effort. He stopped himself from touching her nipple and instead allowed the Eldar a moment's reprieve while he worked the whole breast from side to side, gauging its form and feel. Again, it appeared to ape that of a human - almost pleasantly soft and yielding.

He drew his hand downwards again, listening to the rapid breathing of the xenos. He traced an idle pattern across her stomach, feeling it bounce in and out as he watched. He wandered downwards, towards-

No. Down there lay damnation. Cavorting with xenos was heresy. Kellrick quickly jerked his hand away. But - what if it was in the pursuit of the xenos' destruction? How sensitive would the captive be? How human-like would her response be? If he could discover some weakness, some deeply hidden flaw, who would care where the information came from? Surely it was an acceptable trade-off. Surely.

Kellrick touched the Eldar again, breathing steady and consciously measured as he could not trust himself to maintain composure without concentration. This was skirting heresy, but Kellrick was certain he would emerge unscathed and without damnation.

He slowly traced a path with his bare hand, gliding on the silken material to touch between her legs. The Eldar protested vehemently when she saw what he was doing.

'Filthy mon-keigh! I knew it, that's all you disgusting creatures ever think o-'

Kellrick brought the bolt pistol around to point at her face, cutting her off mid-rant with a suprised squeak. He fought to keep his voice level.

'Do not presume my intentions, xenos. Do not EVER-'

-He pressed inwards and up, feeling the soft give of the Eldar's body against his fingers-

'-presume to know my intentions.'

The captive Eldar gasped, both in surprise and sudden arousal at his forceful action. She bent over slightly, hiding her face from Kellrick's view as her soft black hair cascaded forward to thinly veil her face. Now he was in total control over her.

He continued to experiment, running fingers down the insides of her thighs, exploring the crevice created by her bound legs. The silken material was so soft, but perhaps her skin would be softer. Kellrick traced down towards her ankles, where the bodysuit ended and bare skin began to show. It was pale and porcelain-perfect, a smooth cream.

Touching it was another set of sensations entirely. It was soft and slightly yielding where bone did not stop him, but warm instead of the suit's ambient temperature and he could feel the slight movements of the Eldar as she tried to move away in vain. Moving towards the very ends of the feet, Kellrick explored the toes and the tiny spaces between them even as the Eldar tried to deny him.

The feet, while interesting, were failing to produce any significant result. Kellrick needed to return upwards, where he had had so much success. He ran his fingers up between her thighs again, heedless of her attempts to stop him by clenching her legs together.

Unofficial addon His fingers slid unhindered between her thighs, much thanks to the silken smoothness of her bodysuit. Until where he finally felt her [insert over complicated description of dat pussay here]