Alignment Good (Neutral Good)
Divine Rank Dead God
Pantheon Nentir Vale/Dawn War
Portfolio Justice, Mercy, Law
Domains Hope, Justice, Protection
Home Plane Astral Sea (Kalandurren)
Worshippers Paladins, Defenders, Judges, Lawmakers, Rulers
Favoured Weapon Unknown

Amoth is the slain God of Justice and Mercy from the Nentir Vale setting of Dungeons & Dragons. A minor footnote in the splatbooks of 4th edition, Amoth is stated to have been slain when his dominion of Kalandurren was besieged by an army of demons led by three Demon Princes; Rimmon, Orcus and Demogorgon. The epitome of the virtuous knight-paladin, Amoth fell in that battle, but he went down like a badass; he slew Rimmon and nearly split Demogorgon in two before being taken down by a cheap shot by Orcus. Since then, his dominion has been left to rot, haunted by lingering demons and the Doomguard.

The dominion of Kalandurren is detailed in passing in 4e's Manual of the Planes and fleshed out more in Secrets of the Astral Sea. An article in Dragon Magazine #381 also briefly touches upon the Adherrants of Kalandurren, an order of Invokers that still tap into Amoth's power and seek to one day resurrect him. Sadly, it's mostly a crunch article, consisting of a Channel Divinity feat, a handful of invoker prayers, and a Paragon Path, the Arbiter of Forgotten Justice.

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