Amitoka (the plural form of Amitok), also known as Snow Goblins, are a goblinoid race introduced in the "Creature Catalog 1", a pull-out insert in Dragon Magazine #89 for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition.

Believed to be an offshoot of the hobgoblin race, even though visually they more closely resemble bugbears, amitoka are broadly built and furry-hided goblinoids who stand about 7 feet tall, with pale-blue skin (only visible on the face hands and soles of the feet) and light-gray or white fur. Residing in arctic and subarctic environments, they are an extremely primitive species that lack even the simplest of tools; they rely exclusively on their vicious claws for hunting. Their culture is extremely minimalistic, revolving almost entirely around the need for survival; voracious carnivores, amitoka will consume any kind of meat, even that of other sapient races, and readily cannibalize their own dead. They live in caves or in tunnel systems clawed out of deep snow, where the females guard the children whilst the males go hunting.

Aside from hunting, eating and sleeping, the primary activity in amitoka culture is worship of their patron god: the Archomental known as Cryonax.

These goblinoids are highly adapted for their environment; immune to mundane cold, they halve all magical cold damage, and the dense blubber that is part of this protection also grants them a form of natural armor against poisoned arrows or stings.

Despite their primitive natures, amitoka aren't entirely incapable of domestication; roughly a quarter of all amitoka colonies have managed to either train hoar foxes (a magical arctic fox with a freezing breath like a winter wolf) or been domesticated themselves by a pack of winter wolves.

Amitoka haven't reappeared since their initial appearance. They may have inspired the creation of the Wikkawak, a Pathfinder goblinoid which is an arctic relative of the bugbear. The name "Snow Goblin" was reused for an actual race of arctic-adapted goblins in the Frostburn sourcebook