Horned skull against a phoenix-shaped flame background
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank Empyreal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Entropy)
Portfolio Destruction of Alphatia and Alphatians, Revenge, Hatred
Domains Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Vengeance
Worshippers Enemies of Alphatia, revenge seekers
Favoured Weapon Two-handed sword

Alphaks, also called The Roaring Demon, is the Immortal enemy of Alphatia and its people.


Alphas IV was the last emperor of Old Alphatia, intelligent and powerful, yet prone to tantrums, he eventually decided to end the fighting between the Followers of Air and Followers of Fire, two sects of elementalists warring over which of them was the superior element, after having stayed neutral for the most part. He read the arguments and essays that both sides had made, eventually declaring, as emperor, that the Followers of Fire had won, for now and all time - which really you should have expected, as he was actually a member of the Followers of Fire. This lead to a bloody civil war, with Alphaks leading the fight against Followers of Air. Unfortunately for him, the Followers of Air actually were the superior force: they were more organized, disciplined and meticulous than the flighty, passion-ruled Followers of Fire, and managed to gradually erode their opponents' might.

In the war, Old Alphatia was brought to the brink of ruin, and the Followers of Fire turned on Alphas IV and denounced him, before trying to make peace with their former enemies; alas, it was too little, too late, and the Followers of Air used their might to unleash a devastating, decades-long global windstorm of such power it tore the planet apart. The Followers of Air fled across the planes and eventually settled on Mystara, forming the Empire of Alphatia; the Followers of Fire managed to escape through the mercy of the Immortals, but were not allowed to settle on Mystara as well until after all of the participants of the original war had died of old age. By that point calling themselves the "Flaemish", they settled on a different continent and built their own magocracy in the form of Glantri.

However, Alphas IV had survived had survived the destruction of Old Alphatia by fleeing into the planes, where he was ultimately captured by Thanatos and turned into the fiendish Immortal's servant, a monstrous, balor-like fiend that called itself Alphaks. After centuries of servitude to the elder fiend, Alphaks joined his former master as an Immortal of Entropy by creating the Mist Censer, a deadly artifact that allowed him to slay an entire world and consume the souls of its population. After his ascension, he begun tracking down the descendants of Alphatians, intent on destroying them for good.


Alphaks appears as a hideous, 12' tall Balor.


Alphaks is, as he largely was in life, intelligent and cultured, but spoiled and prone to burst of anger. He lacks the subtlety and patience of his patron, relieving his anger with shows of mass destruction. He has no real allies, but has many enemies, most notable being Alphatia, Ka the Preserver, Koryis, Palartarkan, and Razud.

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