All Quiet on the Martian Front

Suddenly, like a thing falling upon me from without, came fear

You all remember War of the Worlds right? That Sci-fi classic written by H.G. Wells in which Martians invade our fragile blue orb by firing themselves at it in cylinders propelled by a massive gun, and then attack London in giant tripodal walkers only to die via common cold?

Well turns out that they are back, they brought their penicillin and orange juice, and they aren't stopping until every inch of Mother Earth is in their slimey, alien tenticles. Instead of landing in dense urban centers, or at least near them like they did in the War of the worlds, the Martians have instead made landfall in the desolate regions of the planet, in the dense jungles of Africa and South America, in the frozen plains of Siberia and Antartica, and the Deserts of the American West. In these places, the invaders built up their strength, and when the time was right, they launched their assault against mankind.

Few nations can hope to stand in the way of the extra terrestrial invaders, but among those who have a fighting chance, the United States of America under the guiding hand of President Theodore Rosevelt stands like a colossas against the tide. Factories churn out war material round the clock, everything from new gas proof suits to steam powered armoured veihicles, thousands of men have taken up arms, and all along the Missippi Line great guns and fortifications rise in definace of the Martian threat.

The other nations of the world have not been idle. Great Britain fights desperate battles to defend its colonial holdings and has even sent the British Expeditionary Force to aid the Yankees and Canuks on the North American Front. The Japanese battle the invaders on the asian mainland, proportedly to defend the people of the continent but really to defend their holdings in China. The only Countries who have yet to take a major step against the Invaders are France and Germany, who gaze upon the the holdings of their terrestrial neighbors with barely disguised envy.

But now as the forth year of the Great Martian War draws to a close, a message clicks through the airwaves and telegraph wires, "All Quiet on the Martian Front".

The GameEdit

All Quiet on the Martian Front (or AQMF) is a 15mm (Roughly 1:100) miniature wargame produced by Alein Dungeon in which participants battle it out for the fate of the world as either the Martian Invaders, in their signature Tripods, or the Defenders of Earth, who weild steampunk-esque weapons and vehicles both home grown and based on captured Martian tech.

Instead of the standard D6 like every other miniature wargame All Quiet on the Martian Front uses a D10 system, so go see if you have one or two laying around from D&D or something. However distances for moving and shooting are still measured in inches, because this is America and we don't use that metric nonsense here.

Once both armies are assemebled and placed on the table battlefield. The two players roll for intiative to see who goes first by simply rolling a pair of D10s and seeing who rolled higher. Once that has been taken care of the first turn starts.

The basic turn in AQMF is very simple and goes like this:

Step 1: Move

Step 2: Shoot/Assault

Step 3: Move Again

This means that units can strike and fade, moving into firing possitions, shooting, and backing off again, or exploit gaps that were just blasted into enemy formations before they get a chance to react.

What does the future hold?

Sadly the community around the game has gone as quiet as a country family when the ground shakes under the footfalls of the Martian war walkers. A few new models have come out, like the Bedouin Cavalry for the British and The MK V Goliath, but its pretty safe to assume that very few people in your area will ever play AQMF, much less hear about it.

However 2nd edition is on the horizon sometime in 2019 (well that was a bust) with a new manufacture/producer. So far play testers have said that it is a definite improvement. New factions like the final arrival of Germans are also in the near future.

The Forces of the Great Martian WarEdit


The great industrial machine of America is waking up as the Martian invaders pose a threat to the nation unseen since the United States first won its independence from the United Kingdom. Thousands of Tanks, tens of thousands of Guns, and millions of shells roll of the factory floors of the eastern states to be loaded onto trains to defend the western half of the nation. Technological innovations dismissed as fever dreams in times of peace now become reality in the desperate struggle to keep our planet, like the great Land Ironclads, whose guns can destroy a tripod with a single shot, or the terrifying Lightning canon developed by the famed and eccentric Nikola Tesla, which can annihilate tripods with the power of the elements.

To wield these weapons, millions of men volunteer for service. These men march into deadly Martian Heat Rays and the terrible Black Dust to hold back the Martian tide. Thousands will never return, but their sacrifice buys time for new devices to be built and new units to be drawn up. Soon the defensive actions will come to an end, and the Great Nation that is the United States will go on the offensive and take back the West.

Great Britain

Great Britain was the first country to feel the wrath of the Martian War machines. With London basically destroyed and thousands dead before the initial invaders succumbed to disease, the United Kingdom swore to never again be so unprepared. With a fervor, they swarmed over the fallen machines of the Martians intent on learning what ever the could from them.

Now, with the Great Martian War raging across the globe, the United Kingdom is one of the most technologically advanced terran forces on the face of the planet. The Brits pioneered the concept of mechanized infantry in this world, and their tanks are the envy of every other army. Man portable coil guns can tear apart light Martian Machines and heavier variants are capable of hammering the larger models. If the United States is chugging along like a steampunk World War One, the United Kingdom is knocking on the doorstep of the end of World War Two tech wise.

Martian Invaders

Forced from the dusty wastes of their homeworld by a lack of natural resources and interspecies struggles, the Martians have set their eyes on the pale blue dot of the third planet from the sun. The first attempt met with disastrous failure, but their loss paved the way for the next wave. Prepared for the deadly microbial threats, the Martian Invaders thought that they would roll over the weak native defenders quickly and seize the planets for themselves, but that notion proved naïve. Now the invaders adapt and terrifying new war machines stalk the battlefields on their three spiked feet.