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Commissar.gif This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.
Commissar.gif This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.

In case you didn't see the three warnings of extra heresy above, this character's mere existence is pure, unadulterated fucking heresy. But just to get the point across as to how heretical this "character" is...

Commissar.gif This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.

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Moving on from the warnings...Edit

Quite possibly the biggest Mary Sue in the history of fiction.

Good sweet zombie Emprah, no.

Goddamnit, no. I know we needed a fucking article on this, but...

Fuck it. Fine. Let's go. Alice Abernathy, also known as Janus Prospero.


For the uninitiated, Alice Albernathy is a protagonist in the in-name-only Resident Evil movies. She is patient zero of the Mary Sue label (not the first example, but being the worst offender); the Mary Sue by which all other Mary Sues must be judged. She is completely invincible, exceedingly effective, and the entire purpose all other characters in the movies serve is to die horribly or reinforce how awesome Alice is. Or both. Even if the characters in question were main characters from the books and games. She can kill you with mind bullets. Or regular ones.

The protagonists of Maradonia Saga and Bella Swan of Twilight have nothing - and I mean nothing on Alice. Kaldor Draigo is less of a fucking stretch than Alice. Chris-Chan's CWCVille-centered Sonichu fantasies are roughly the same level of ridiculous as Alice but is thankfully less widespread. She was solely included in the movies because Mila Jovovich, the actress who plays her, wound up marrying the director, Paul Anderson, who has done nothing but turn his wife's character (with her encouragement (i.e. sleeping with him)) into the equivalent of a horrifically-bad fanfiction... If the writer was able to spend millions on his deranged waifu insert and given carte blanche to completely destroy the source material in the process.

A Quote from the ActressEdit

"Oh yeah, there are, like, 15 people in the world that spend all day really hating me. Like horrifically hating me with a passion." -- Mila Jovovich, with bold for emphasis by /tg/'s experts

A Brief List of Alice's ExploitsEdit

Alice and /tg/Edit

Alice is considered the worst possible combination of traits - That Guy paired with a Mary Sue and blended with a self-insertion. Picture every 13-year old Forgotten Realms fan's Dungeons and Dragons character, only backed with enough money to literally force the resulting Drizz't-clone into everyone's fucking face. Almost every DM can point at Alice and immediately use her as a classic example of how to utterly fail on every level.

This faggot rather infamously ran a d20 Modern campaign in which the players had to hunt down and kill the godlessly-powerful Mary Sue using their witz and copious amounts of high explosives. Shenanigans and high adventure alike ensued. You can read about it here.

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