The most commonly acknowledged calendar in Albion is the Meteorite Calendar(M.C.). It started 92 years ago and is going backwards from the number 100.

100 M.C. A cloudy night, a stone fell down from the sky and hit the channel between Albion and Ireland. It closed the gap between the two islands and made them one. The druids of the clans close to the impact had visions of the Ancestors. The oldest of them, Frassie Mxdonken, heard a voice that came with a message. "In hundred years. Be prepared!" Noone knows for sure what will then, but the most common assumption is that the Antecedents spirits will rise and guide Albion to greatness. The meteor has since become a holy site.

There also happens to be a Lizardmen City somewhere on the Island


The southern border of Albion is an anicent wall. It goes from th Kharl's Sea in the west to the Worse Maelstrom in the east. It is dozen badger's heigts and on top of are terror robots mounted.

Albionic BadgersEdit

The Albionic badgers are a branch of mutated animals that have long lived together in clans. This has endowed their society with a rather peculiar feudal culture whose origins have been lost in the mists of time and the geography’s ardous extent. What’s evident is that the badgers’ society is reeking with war-like ideas and values and that every individual is trained to fight teeth and clawto defend their earth and lands. They are lacking their own industrial technology; They don’t have steampower, nor any production of gun-powder. They do however utilize higher technologies to some extent, and artefacts from the old times are usually more common with the Albion-badgers than with many other inhabitants of the [plats] world, but their prefered technology and weaponry is most usually below the standard of most others. They usually go into battle with a major focus on melee and have a trademark weapon of choice: The heavy, two-handed sword so called ”Klejmore”, and have even developed a branch of fighting specialized in using these clunky swords. Although the techniques of this peculiar style are quite difficult to learn, and even harder to master, an accomplished Klejmore-fighter is an opponent not to be taken lightly and have been known to be very dangerous to anyone foolish enough to cross their paths on hostile grounds. Klejmore-fighting is a new [Trained Skill] that’s available to [Earlier occupations] with access to [Martial Arts]. First and foremost it’s meant for soldiers and other members of the warrior-clans who possesses knowledge of the technique, but all Albion-badgers may of course learn Klejmore-fighting as time goes on. Klejmore-fighting is generally not taught to non-Albions but a non-Albion [RP] may possibly learn the skill from an Albion-badger [RP].

Albionic Badgers as PCsEdit

Albion-badgers may leave their colonies and clans for different reasons, but the grounds for such a decision are always very good. It can possibly be outcasts, outlaws, or other odd characters that are looking for fortune outside the protective, although demanding, custody of the clans, or a PC may be an official from [plats] or [plats], being on a trading-route, exploring or even being on a diplomatic inquiry to the Pyrisamfundet.