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Albedo is a science fiction role-playing game revolving around a conflict between a multi-racial socialist confederation of worlds and a separatist race of militaristic, expansionist, capitalist bunnies.

Yeah, bunnies. Did I mention it was furry? Yeah, totally furry. Except there is no yiff. Just political arguments and shooting each other.

The game is based off the awesome comic "Erma Felna:EDF" by Steve Gallacci. According to furry historians ( the term "furry" arose due to discussion of his work.

This should merit him eternal scorn except for two facts. Nobody remembers this seminal work in the field of comic books and those who do must admit his complicated mix of politics, hard sci-fi and military action is pretty cool.

It has seen a number of editions from various publishers. The most recent one is known as Albedo:Platinum Catalyst (

Gallacci served in the United States Air Force where he worked as a technical illustrator. Accordingly his comic (and the games based off of it) are peppered with cutaway diagrams of various advanced military vehicles for those into that sort of thing.

Albedo Combat PatrolEdit

Interestingly, as of fall 2018 a 28mm tabletop war game for Albedo is being being kickstarted (and has raised over twice its goal) by Sally 4th called Albedo Combat Patrol, and just like the source material, it's actually pretty cool. The game serves as a prequel to the main Albedo story, taking place during the First Lepine War (a rarely and sparsely described event in the backstory of the comic and RPGs, so there's plenty of creative freedom for forging a narrative), and features multi-part miniatures for both EDF and ILR infantry, weapons, terrain, and eventually, even vehicles. Even with the Kickstarter still ongoing, miniatures for basic troop squads and conversion kits are already available, along with a modular terrain set.

Plus you can use the cat conversion kit to make Felinids. So that's something.

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