Alaghi are a Dungeons & Dragons race of forest-dwelling, hairy, ape-like humanoids distantly related to the yeti. They are known for having one of the weirder cultures in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, where they existed in as either shy and peaceful semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers, cruel, greedy and cannibalistic Stone Age sedentary tribals, or benevolent druidic hermits.

Alaghi were introduced in the Forgotten Realms setting. They are barrel-chested, with short, almost invisible necks, and wide, flat heads with sloping brows. Their shoulders are broad, and their arms are long and powerful. Their legs are short but thick, and their hands and feet are very large. An alaghi’s entire body is covered with thick hair, usually blond, reddish brown, or charcoal gray. Most blond individuals have green eyes and fur tinged with green highlights. Adult alaghi stand about six feet tall and weigh about 330 pounds. They usually live for 75-85 years.

Although technologically primitive, and thus restricted to simple cudgels, spears and daggers made of wood, stone and bone of their own make, they are incredibly stealthy in their forest environments and possess such immense strength that they can easily beat most other creatures to death.

Despite this, alaghi are considered playable character material. They are noted to be shy and peaceful, for the most part, even if the sedentary alaghi tend to indulge more savage behaviors. They love riddles and games of strategy, and especially relish playing chess.

PC stats for Alaghi appeared in the "Complete Book of Humanoids":

Ability Score Range: Strength 12/19, Dexterity 3/17, Constitution 12/18, Intelligence 3/16, Wisdom 3/16, Charisma 3/16
Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Strrength, -2 Intelligence
Class & Level Limits: Fighter (12), Druid (11 - requires Int 15, Wis 12, Cha 15, Neutral Good alignment)
+9 hit points at first level
Natural Armor Class 4
Can inflict 2d6 damage with a punch attack.
Can Move Silently and Hide In Natural Surroundings with base scores of 45% and 35% respectively, each score increasing by +5% per level.
Takes damage as a Large creature.
Weapon Proficiencies: Club, Hand Axe, Javelin, Knife.
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Animal Lore, Animal Noise, Direction Sense, Eating, Endurance, Gaming, Hiding, Hunting, Intimidation, Natural Fighting, Survival (Forest).
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