Silhouette of a palm tree that grows in the desert with a rising moon on the background
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Initiate Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Time)
Portfolio Courage, justice, honor, law, scholarshp, tolerance
Domains Time, Law, Water, War
Worshippers Followers of the Eternal Truth, sages, strategists, wizards
Favoured Weapon Scimitar

Al-Kalim is the patron Immortal of the Ylaruam emirates, and the founder and prophet of the Eternal Truth. Along with being not!Muhammad, he's the youngest of Mystaran Immortals.


Born as Suleiman Al-Kalim to Alasiyan nomads in 800 AC, in then Thyatian and Alphatian occupied Ylaruam, Suleiman was talented in many areas, though was unsure how to best use them. He became versed in the ways of the fighter and the dervish, before eventually becoming a cleric. With his abilities he united the eight tribes of Ylaruam and drove the empires out of the desert, establishing a new goverment to unify the tribes under one nation.

He ruled the land a quarter-century before retiring a leaving to seek Immortality, with his scribe Farid following him. During his pursuit, he dictated and partially wrote the Nahmeh, the holy book for the Eternal Truth that contained alongside sayings, tactics, rules for governance, and parables, The Dream of the Desert Garden, his vision for the future of Ylaruam, which would be an earthly paradise.

In 900 AC he faked his own death in order to beter pursue his path, only occasionally intervening to help his countrymen, and travelled in time to see how his country fared. He finally reached Immortality in the Sphere of Time in 1010 AC, sponsored by Protius. For a low level Immortal he's suprisingly active and has a large following.


Al-Kalim often appears as a strong but elderly patriarch with a long white beard, wise eyes, dressed in plain robes of a cleric. When needed, he appears as a tall and handsome desert warrior with a hook-nose and a beard atop a alasiyan horse.


Al-Kalim is a warrior, scholar, leader, and a visionary. He's tolerant of the ways of others, but beomes ruthless when his ways are mocked or his those under his protection are threatened. He makes no distinction between combatants and civilians in times of war, but will show mercy to those who show great courage. He's passionate about growing plants thhat grow only in arid and desolate places. He has no real enemies, and is allied with his sponsor Protius.

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