Scorpion with its tail raised to strike
Alignment Neutral Evil
Pantheon Wasteland
Portfolio Marauders, raiders, scorpions, vermin
Domains Animal, Death, Destruction, Evil, War
Worshippers Marauders, raiders
Favoured Weapon Whip

Al-Isthus is the wasteland god of desert-dwelling vermin, especially scorpions, raiders, and marauders of all kinds.


Al-Isthus' followers appease their god by making offerings of bloody gems and jewelry. Venom is important to his worshippers, as clerics often dip their unholy symbols in it, to use as a hidden weapon, and disputes are often settled by having both members be repeatedly stung by scorpion until one of them dies from the venom, with the survivor declared the winner.


Al-Isthus often appears either as an old man wearing vermin-infested rags, or as a scorpion of varying size.