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These are the rules prior to the release of the Skaven Battletome, and as such are no longer matched play valid.

Masterclan has no battleline and so can only be used as an ally in another army.



There isn't currently a Battletome for Masterclan.

  • The Grand Alliance Chaos book has all the Warscrolls.
  • This should be supplemented with the Grand Alliance Chaos Errata and Designers' Commentary from the FAQs.
  • Replace all summoning rules with those in the General's handbook 2018.
  • Matched play points are in the General's handbook 2018.
  • Alternatively up to date warscrolls can be found in the WH AoS app.


Common keywords in these warscrolls are CHAOS, SKAVEN and MASTERCLAN.


  • Grey Seer: The Grey Seer is probably one of the most nerfed Skaven units. In WHFB he was a level 4 wizard, now he only casts and dispels one spell. And he doesn't know the Thirteenth Spell anymore. This means that you have to use it as a generic spellcaster, and to be honest he's quite good at that. You won't use his spell very often, because it works well only against big infantry units, but you can always use Arcane Bolt. However, his best ability is probably the Warpstone Token; when you cast a spell, you can use a token ( you have infinite, by the way ) and if you do so you must roll a dice: if the result is a one, he takes a mortal wound, but with a 2+ you can reroll the casting if it fails. Pretty good, huh? He also has a command ability that can save your rats from fleeing on a 4+. For what it costs ( 120 pts ) the Grey Seer is pretty good, and it's not a bad idea to use him in almost every Skaven list.
  • Screaming Bell: Take a Grey Seer and put him on a GIANT BELL OF DOOM, and you have the Screaming Bell. The first thing to know about the Bell is that it can't move on its own, aside from 4", but it can be pushed by other SKAVEN models, gaining 1" for every 3 models within 1" of the Bell. This obviously means that it should stay close to the Skaven Infantry, like in 8th edition. The most important ability of the Bell however is, of course, the bell! It peals in your Hero Phase, and to do so you have to roll two dices and see what effect the peal has. You only hurt yourself on a roll of 2, and that's only 1 mortal wound. The other effects are mixed, you can buff your army, damage the opponent's army or simply SUMMON A FUCKING VERMINLORD. Oh, and did I mention that even if your bell takes damage the effect of the peals doesn't change? Yeah. The only thing that decreases is the range of the buffs and debuffs, as well as the melee statistics, but that shouldn't bother you. The Seer on top of the Bell knows a different spell from the dismounted one, this time it damages units with low Move. Unfortunately, the Seer loses the Warpstone Tokens. The Bell also can mess with non-CHAOS WIZARDS and has a pretty good Command Ability that helps your Skaven with their Bravery. The only downside is that it costs 140 points more that a vanilla Seer, but I'm sure it will repay its price.
    • NEW EDITION UPDATE: As of the June 2018 FAQ, the bell can't summon more than one Verminlord per game. If you roll a 12 again after the first time, just pick the result you like more from the lower ones.
  • Thanquol and Boneripper: They're back, with a combinate profile and a price of 400 points. Probably one of the more expensive CHAOS units. However, they are really powerful now. Thanquol can cast and dispel two spells and his Tokens can never hurt him. His spell, Scorch, is an Arcane Bolt with a Range of 26", that deals d6 Damage instead of d3 against SKAVEN units, so be sure to use it in mirror matches to troll your opponent. Be warned however that the casting value of this spell increases as Thanquol takes damage, as well as his Move. Thanquol also knows the spells of any SKAVEN WIZARD that is within 13" of him, so you will always have an useful spell at hand. Speaking of his mount, Boneripper can now choose between having Warpfire Projectors and Warpfire Braziers. The latter are obviously more powerful in melee, but it's always better to use the Projectors, since they deal 2d6 mortal wounds, and you aren't going to use Thanquol in melee, right? I mean, they probably kick ass even in close combat, but I wouldn't risk to flush 400 points down the toilet just to find out. As a last thing, this model heals 1 wound every turn, and it has a great command ability that gives to a SKAVEN unit within 13" a save-after-the-save of 6+ or 5+ if there are 13 or more models in the unit. Combine this with Mystical terrain or the Congregation of Filth Plague Alter for some very durable rats.


  • Skreech Verminking: also counts as a LEADER. If it wasn't for his spell, the King of the Verminlords would be a very disappointing unit. Even though he can only cast and dispel one spell, he is the only one now that can cast the Thirteenth Dreaded Spell, so, if you use it, be sure to turn a lot of enemies into rats. Aside from that, though, he doesn't have anything that special: his weapons are identical to the other Verminlords', and his only trick is that he can choose every turn one ability to buff some of his characteristics. His command ability is also pretty simple: reroll all wound rolls of one of the SKAVEN units within 13" of him. At 300 points he's maybe a little overpriced, but if the Horned Rat helps you his spell will scare the shit out of your opponent. And he's pretty good in melee too.
    • NEW EDITION UPDATE: As of the June 2018 FAQ, the Thirteenth Dreaded Spell now turns enemies into Clanrats only just like in the old WHFB, so no more cheesing with Stormvermin summons.
  • Verminlord Warpseer: also counts as a LEADER. The Warpseer is the magical Verminlord, and he does his job very well: he can cast two spells, and his unique spell can be very annoying. It works like this: you select an enemy unit within 26" and that unit can't run and fly, and can charge only half the distance, all while suffering d3 mortal wounds. Combine this with The Masque and/or The Changeling to make your opponent cry. Aside from that, the Warpseer can also reroll all his failed save rolls, thanks to his Orb. You can also throw that Orb, but I suggest you not to do that. As a final note, the Warpseer also as a very unique Command Ability: he can spawn 3d6 Giant Rats. The Warpseer can be a pretty good general, powerful with magic and that can quite decently defend himself in melee.
  • Verminlord Corruptor:
  • Verminlord Warbringer:
  • Verminlord Deceiver:
  • Warpgnaw Verminlord:


None, for now.

Army BuildingEdit

This faction is obviously not intended to work by itself. Simply put your Grey Seers or Verminlords in a SKAVEN or CHAOS army and enjoy their magical shit.