Afflux unholy Symbol.jpg
Alignment Neutral Evil
Divine Rank Lesser God
Portfolio Death, inquiry, necromancy
Domains Deathbound, Evil, Knowledge, Undeath
Home Plane Carceri
Worshippers Necromancers, inquisitors, evil wizards, torturers
Favoured Weapon Short sword

Afflux, Bloodfather, the Unsatisfied Questioner, the Bloodletter is the god of death, inquiry, and necromancy.


The followers of Afflux despise deities, especially good-aligned ones, whose churches promise knowledge as enemies. To them the only way to gain knowledge is by torture and spilling their blood, as everyone has a secret. For them, the secrets of sentience and animation mask the real secret of ultimate understanding, and the best place to seek it is in the flesh of the living, dead, and undead.


Afflux appears as a pale, hairless, bloodsoaked man with supernaturally bloodshot eyes. He wears a great coat of blood, that constantly drips and flows, never running dry.