Aengrist holy symbol.jpg
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Hero-God
Pantheon Frostfell
Portfolio Honor, protection, truth
Domains Law, Protection, War, Winter
Worshippers Paladins, Knights of the Iron Glacier, arctic dwellers
Favoured Weapon Bastard sword

Aengrist is a hero-god of honor, truth, and protection, mainly worshipped in the arctic regions. He was first introduced in the Frostburn supplement for the revised "3.5" edition of Dungeons & Dragons.



Aengrist was once a mercenary captain, but was forced to leave his homeland after a violent coup, along with a group of loyal knights and mercenaries. They moved from outpost to the next, helping them protect themselves against barbarians and orcs. As they continued wandering and gaining fame, the group was ambushed atop a glacier by a large orc horde, with Aengrist dying early in battle. After the battle was won by the knights, Sarah Korlaskin took control of the group, building a fortress atop the glacier as a memorial, and naming themselves as Knights of the Iron Glacier, and other members begun honoring Aengrist in deeds and actions, with this hero worship being enough to elevate Aengrist to godhood.


Aengrists worshippers are those who seek to make arctic regions safer for all, and bring law and order there. They often patrol the lands for dangers, attempt to prevent barbarian uprisings, and prevent thugs and criminals from forming illicit empires in frontier towns. His clergy has recently begun an extensive program for building cathedral-fortresses in frontier towns to ensure their safety and protection, along with spreading his word.

Knights of the Iron GlacierEdit

The Knights of the Iron Glacier are the fighters and paladins who seek to bring order and safety into the arctic regions. Though not all of them follow Aengrist, his veneration is a big part of the knights. The accepted members are given a Megaloceros warmount, and slowly learn how to discern signs of danger in arctic enviroments. They learn to uphold the morale of others and fight against overwhelming odds.


Aengrist appears as a ruggedly handsome, middle-aged human, with gentle smile but stern eyes.