Adrathic Weapons

Imperium's disintegration beams. Golden boy exclusive of course.

Imperial Gauss Flayers. No really.

Adrathic Weapons are a type of disintegration weapon used by our very special boys in gold.

But, much more importantly, these things finally explain the Cogboys' obsession with toasters. I mean, just look at it!

These are relics dating back to the Dark Age of Technology and are believed to be unique to Terra. They use dangerously unstable but powerful energy beams to sever the internal bonds of matter, causing objects in their path to unravel. The only evidence that the victim existed is a flaring after-image of what was. To most casual observers, this affect is similiar to the Space Tomb King's Gauss weapons. Ignoramus would think that this might be a form of anti-matter, but anti-matter works through the concept of annihilation, so instead of merely turning a target into molecular soup, it should release 100% of its energy, thereby turning a Adrathic weapon into a nuclear device that makes the Tsar Bomba look like a firecracker. What would be the most likely answer is that Adrathic weapons shoots out the equivalent of the Big Rip, essentially shooting out so much dark energy that it overcomes all conventional forces that binds matter together. For those who do not know what a Big Rip is, it is one of the several hypothesis for the future death of the universe; the literal RIP AND TEAR option to kill the universe if you will. So if this is true, than the Imperium somehow weaponized a universe-ending event into a gun. It would be Awesome if it weren't so stupid by premise.

Such weapons were legend during the Age of Strife and were prized by the Techno-Barbarians of Terra. When the Emperor emerged he had all Adrathic Weapons given to him on pain of death. These weapons were then issued to his trusted Custodians and are used against the deadliest foes. The technology behind Adrathic weapons are even kept from the Mechanicum and only the Emperor's personal weaponsmiths gained the knowledge of how to replicate them.

Unfortunately, they are all pretty short ranged despite their awesomeness, this is for the sake of keeping the game balanced we suppose.

Adrastus Bolt CaliverEdit

Adrastus Bolt Caliver

See main page, Adrastus Bolt Caliver.

More of a hybrid Combi-weapon than it is a TRUE Adrathic Weapon. Nonetheless, the primary weapon for the Bolt Caliver is the disintegration beams, so I guess it kind of counts anyways.

The Adrastus Bolt Caliver is a potent shoulder arm serving as a portable heavy weapon for the Adeptus Custodes, more specifically, the Sagittarum Guard. So you could think of this as the Golden Banana equivalent of the trusty Space Maine Bolter, except every imagine every SPESS MEHREEN carrying a combi-weapon that disintegrates targets like a fucking Necron Gauss Flayer. How quaint.

Yet, as you know, Adrathic weapons are unfortunately laughably short ranged. So I guess the secondary Bolter weapon is there for increased range to compensate for the Adrathic's....short comings.

Adrathic DestructorEdit

Adrathic Destructor

Used on Guardian Spears or twin-linked with Aquilon Terminators. These guns, especially the the twin-linked variety, notoriously look like toasters. Why GW thought THAT was a good design choice, we have no idea, but this is the same company that brought us the proverbial silver baby carrier and the flying cargo containers with rockets. Despite this unfortunate design, the Adrathic Destructor can atomize the strongest enemy armor into a mist of glowing vapor.

The Adrathic Destructor like all Adrathic weapons, are all AP2 with Instant Death, Armorbane, and Gets Hot. The Destructor itself is a 12" S5 AP2 Assault 1 weapon. It is by far the most 'common', available in some form or another on most infantry models.

Adrathic DevastatorEdit

Adrathic Devastator

Heavy Weapon mounted on Gyrfalcon Pattern Jetbikes. These are the larger variant of the Adrathic weapons and are too heavy and cumbersome for even the Aquilon Terminators.

These guns are designed to rip apart vehicles ranging from small skimmers to superheavy tanks. Seeing as how the average pilot for the Gyrfalcon is as tough as a Primarch, much pain is to be expected in the rectal region.

The Adrathic Devastator, like all Adrathic weapons, is AP2 with Instant Death, Armorbane, and Gets Hot. The Devastator itself is a 18" S6 AP2 Heavy 2 weapon and can do a number on heavy infantry and vehicles. They are an upgrade for the Jetbike and the Pallas Grav-Attack.

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