Adeptus Orthodontus

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The Astartes of the Orthodontus stand ever vigilant against tooth decay.

"Suffer not the cavity to live."

These Marines evidently believe that corruption begins with your enamel, and exercise stringent dental hygiene accordingly. Their mastery of the Chainbrush allows them to purify the enemy's jaws of any foul taint in mere seconds, as illustrated below.

Their preferred enemy, were they to be played, would be Nurgle.

Edit: to play them they would be made into the Scions of Cleanliness, a chapter that is like the adeptus orthodontus, but also cleans other things. solid shot weapons are refered to as dusters, bolt weapons as rust scrapers, apothacaries and techmarines are combined to make hygienists that try to come up with even better soaps

All dentists wish they were this cool... Relevant:

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