Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World Creation Tables

Let's face it. The first thing you did when finding the tables was go build a Titan Legion where you just "happened" to roll Antiquary world, Warmonger-Warmonger-Fought with the Empra-Glorious Victory-Overstrength. At the very least, have the decency to actually roll on this one.


Forge World TypeEdit

Forge World Style d10
Orthodox: Patterned after Mars with few deviations 1-6
Semi-Orthodox: Holds most of the practices of Mars but has many of its own 7-9
Unorthodox: Completely different than the priests of Mars, Going their own way while still not being tech heretics 10

Founding of the Forge WorldEdit

When Was The Forge World Founded? (d100)
1-5 Time Immemorial
6-35 Great Crusade
36-45 Time of Rebirth (M31-M32)
46-65 The Forging (M32-M34)
66-70 Nova Terra Interregnum (M34-M36)
71–80 The Ages of Apostasy & Redemption (M36-M39)
81-100 The Waning/The Time of Ending (M39-M42)

Product of Note d100
Imperial Guard Arms 1-15
Small Arms 16-30
Heavy Arms 31-45
Vehicles 46-60
Space Marine Arms 61-70
Servitors/Bionics 71-80
Specific Weapon Types 81-90
Energy Field Technology 91-93
Titans 94-96
Void-Ships 97-99
Reroll on the table twice 100
Special Product Bonus d10
Special Variant 1
Masterwork 2
Esoteric Design 3
Alternative Pattern 4
Microtechnology 5
Macrotechnology 6
Reliable 7
Sophisticated 8
Bulk Production 9
Reroll twice on this list 10

Tech PriestsEdit

Mechanicus Demeanor d10
Praise be to the Father Mars! 1-3
Faith in the Omnissiah above all 4-6
Pride in themselves, fealty to Mars 7-8
Independent, suspicious 9
Secretive, Very Suspicious, borderline Tech-heretics 10


Skitarii Type d10
Skitarii Mars Pattern (codex style) 1-4
Skitarii Defense Force (Modified imperial guard units) 5-7
Servitors 8-9
Praetorian elites 10
Legion Strength d10
Under strength: perhaps a result of some recent war 1
Below-Average: perhaps rebuilding, or having deployed some already 2-3
Average: baseline number of Skitarii for a Forge World 4-7
Above Average: Skitarii numbers are slightly over the expected strength 8-9
Over-strength: numerically superior forces or geared up for war 10

Allies and EnemiesEdit

Forge World Allies & EnemiesEdit

Who is the Forge World friendly with? (d100)
1-5 Administratum
6-15 Adeptus Arbites
16-30 Adeptus Astartes Chapter (choose one)
31-35 Adeptus Astra Telepatica
36-45 Adeptus Mechanicus
46-50 Adepta Sororitas
51-55 Adeptus Titanicus
56-58 Astropaths
59-60 Chartist Captains
61-65 Ecclesiarchy
66-75 Imperial Guard from a specific world
76-79 Imperial Navy
80-85 Inquisition
86-88 Navigators
89-91 Officio Assassinorum
91-93 Planetary Defence Force of a specific world
94-98 A Rogue Trader dynasty
99 Schola Progenium
100 Scholastica Psykana

Who are the Forge World's enemies?(d100)
01-02 Roll on House Friends table
3-14 The Orks (alternatively, you may select a particular Waaagh! or Warboss)
15-32 The Eldar, Probably one of their Knight Houses (alternatively, you may select a particular Craftworld or leader)
33-51 Chaos Knight house!
52-62 The Tyranids (alternatively, you may select a particular Hive Fleet)
63-72 Chaos Space Marines (you should choose a particular warband, Chapter, or Traitor Legion)
72-79 A particular Daemon, Daemon Prince or Disciple of Chaos
80-87 A particular Chaos-aligned group (i.e., Traitor Titan Legion, Chaos pirates, renegade Imperial Guard, etc.)
88-97 The Dark Eldar (alternatively, you may select a particular Kabal or leader).
97-100 Other (choose one force or group, such as aliens (see below) or heretics or a specific cult)

Minor Xenos Species/Empires(1d100)
1-10 Tau Empire (alternatively, you may select a particular Tau force or leader)
11-20 Hrud
21-30 Fra'al
31-40 Uluméathic League
41-50 Yu'vath/Legacy of the Yu'vath/Rak'gol
51-60 Enslavers
61-65 Bargesi
66-70 Tarrelians
71-75 Thyrrus
76-80 Hellgrammite
81-85 Loxatl
85-90 Saharduin
91-92 Xenarch
93-95 Cythor Fiends
96-97 Nightmare-Engines of the Pale Wasting
98-100 Other Xenos Species (pick one or roll/write one up)

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